Proof That We Can Increase Your Customer's ROI-P (Return on Investment – IN PRINT!)

Posted Saturday, January 10, 2015

Proof That We Can Increase Your Customer's ROI-P (Return on Investment – IN PRINT!) | H&H Graphics

A study recently released by PRIMIR titled “Value-Added Printing & Finishing for Improved Profitability,” provides a first-hand look at finishing trends and reveals effective print enhancements.

A variety of finishing products, techniques, specialty coatings and unique substrates were addressed. Featured specialty coatings included scented, raised profile, fluorescent, tactile, dimensional and UV-curable inks. The timely study explored how leading marketers are incorporating effective print enhancements into their advertising and packaging – and are reaping huge rewards in increased profits.

Lending credibility to the study were a cross-section of print buyers, brand owners, print service providers, industry experts and leading vendors, who contributed to the study by providing an informed view of the current state of adoption of added-value services.

In total, 23 value-added enhancements were examined in the PRIMIR study. Print buyers and
brand owners reported that all 23 techniques proved to be cost-effective and consistently produce increased ROI.

The comprehensive study provided further proof that specialty finishing techniques and coatings increase ROI-P (return on investment in print) for your customers. This is especially exciting since these same specialty finishes increase YOUR profit margins!

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