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H&H New Car-Scented Ad is an Ad Age "Editor's Pick"

Posted Friday, October 04, 2019

H&H New Car-Scented Ad is an Ad Age "Editor's Pick" | H&H Graphics

Smell anything good lately?

Chances are you remember more than the smell – you remember how it made you feel.

The connection between your nose and your mood is a well-established fact of psychology and marketing. Scent can trigger a deep sense of association that drives behavior, and drives sales.

And speaking of driving, we were pretty excited to learn that our multisensory work on a recent campaign was the subject of an Ad Age magazine “Editor’s Pick” for its clever use of “new car smell” in a newspaper advertisement for Liberty Mutual car insurance.

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What's the Big Idea?

Posted Tuesday, December 01, 2015

What's the Big Idea? | H&H Graphics

We know that sometimes when we tell you about our special effects it can seem a bit abstract. So, here are several examples of real jobs we have done lately to help get you thinking about the tremendous possibilities.

  • A chocolate scented mailer / program for an upcoming trade show in the food industry
  • A texture simulating leather on a plastic card for a major retailer
  • A gold, heart shaped scratch off spot on a mailer promoting a jewelry store for Valentine's Day
  • Vinyl tablecloths printed with the logo of a major in home party company
  • Aluminum panels cut and printed as invitations for a special event
  • Raised Glitter printed on a plastic card to give depth and sparkle for a major department store
  • A flower shaped silver scratch off on a game ticket with a spring theme
  • Glitter flood coated on thick paper stock to be cut and sold to the craft market
  • A berry scent on a postcard promoting a beverage company
  • A gritty textured ink printed to simulate a dirt road on the cover of a travel brochure
  • Custom scented promotional recipe cards for a new flavored vodka
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