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Who Is H&H Graphics?

Posted Friday, October 14, 2016

Who Is H&H Graphics? | H&H Graphics

Who Is H&H Graphics?

We were recently asked to write up a description of H&H Graphics and paused to reflect on who we are after these 38 years in business. Here's what we came up with – let us know what you think!

Our Mission

H&H Graphics, LLC brings special effects to print and packaging. We specialize in applications such as glitter, gloss & matte, scented, scratch-off, glow-in-the dark, textures, and many more. These special effects make your printed piece or package stand out and get noticed by appealing to multiple senses, and in today's market that's critical. When your piece stands out, consumers engage with it, your ROI increases and you get more out of your print spend.

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Glitter in the Air

Posted Monday, December 28, 2015

Glitter in the Air | H&H Graphics

Do your marketing materials sparkle? Do your print samples twinkle? Does your product packaging stand out from all others because of its eye catching brilliance? It could. Imagine it for a moment... it would catch the consumer's eye and make it stand out, wouldn't it? In fact, it would make it stand out so much that it would be more likely to get someone to buy! Don't believe it? Ask the greeting card industry.

Greeting Card Glitter

Years ago, the greeting card industry figured this out. By putting glitter on greeting cards, they could actually draw the buyer's attention to the card on the rack, and make a glittered card more likely to be purchased than a plain card. Still, the added cost (albeit small) had to be worth it. It had to generate a positive ROI. Guess what they realized? They could actually charge more for a card with glitter than they could for a plain card, and the consumer would pay! Now they are getting a higher price, on a product that's more likely to sell, with minimal added cost. Increased margin! Anyone interested in that?

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Covetable Packaging

Posted Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Covetable Packaging | H&H Graphics

Make your packaging “Covetable” with Glitter
Glitter adds glamour to a package and an element of fun. Glitter comes in many different colors, different size particles, and even different shapes. It comes in metallic colors, solid colors and holographic colors. For extra pop, the colors, sizes and shapes can be mixed together to create a custom formulation. Glitter can be applied over the top of a spot glue pattern, or mixed into coating. Glitters that are mixed into coatings have an advantage in that, once cured, there is no glitter that falls off onto the retailer's shelf or on the shopper's hands.

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Appealing to Mulitiple Senses Multiplies Recall & Drives Action

Posted Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Appealing to Mulitiple Senses Multiplies Recall & Drives Action | H&H Graphics

Question: Can connecting with your audience's multiple senses make your product or service offering more appealing and potentially increase revenue in your business?

The Answer: Yes.

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