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Getting Social with Special Effects Printing

Posted Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Getting Social with Special Effects Printing | H&H Graphics

Whether you use glitter, scent, texture or a form of hidden messaging reveal, special effects printing enhancements expand the reach and impact of your marketing budget.

Social media can have a similar impact. When you strike a chord with the right audience on a social media platform, your messaging can take on a life of its own. No one loves the unveiling of a cool new thing as much as the social media audience.

Combine special effects printing embellishments with a social media campaign and you've leveraged two powerful forces of consumer engagement.

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Beauty is in the Eyes, Hands and Nose of the Beholder

Posted Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Beauty is in the Eyes, Hands and Nose of the Beholder | H&H Graphics

Surveys suggest the average woman will spend between $15,000 and $300,000 on beauty products in her lifetime.

Regardless of age or walk of life, anyone can easily get lost among the walls of shiny products promising radiant skin and lashes that are miles long. In a world of one-click buying, the beauty industry continues to thrive in shops, boutiques, and department stores around the globe.

Those shopping for beauty products crave physical experiences with the products they are dishing out their hard-earned cash to buy. Successful beauty brands understand this – a product is appealing because of both its standout packaging and the quality product inside.

Kylie Jenner's lucrative beauty brand, Kylie Cosmetics, carries not only the attention-grabbing celebrity name, but also the dessert-like scent of vanilla cupcakes. This intelligent marketing strategy is supported by consumer psychology, which says multisensory effects like scent are one of our strongest tools for memory association. In fact, research suggests that the brain can store and recall sensory-rich memories long after they were first experienced.

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The Multisensory Marketing Playbook

Posted Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The Multisensory Marketing Playbook | H&H Graphics

“To bring branding into the 21st century, the most successful companies are using marketing campaigns that appeal to all five senses.” - Danish author and brand expert Martin Lindstrom, "Brand Sense."

When branding guru Martin Lindstrom unveiled the science behind how big companies were using touch, smell, sound and more to persuade consumers to buy their products in his 2010 book "Brand Sense," brand managers who weren't appealing to their consumers' senses learned they were missing out on a huge competitive advantage. From "new car" smell to custom-designed tastes, sounds, and textures, Brand Sense outlined the powerful appeal of sensory marketing.

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Retail Challenges Demand POP Displays that Engage

Posted Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Retail Challenges Demand POP Displays that Engage | H&H Graphics

Traditional retail stores may have taken a hit in recent years, but demand for high-quality packaging and attention-grabbing POP displays does not seem to be following the same downturn.

In fact, some experts believe that retail downturn will create an even greater need for displays that can break through the distractions within a shrinking retail footprint.

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Business Cards Too Cool to Be Forgotten

Posted Monday, February 26, 2018

Business Cards Too Cool to Be Forgotten | H&H Graphics

Be Remembered: Thermochromic Printing for Business Cards | H&H Graphics

Think business cards are passé? You haven't seen what special effects printing techniques can do for business cards.

A recent Wall Street Journal column makes the case: a growing number of the ambitious set are turning to business cards that express more than just the usual name, rank and telephone number on a standard 3.5" x 2" piece of card stock.

The good news for you: no one has more experience at printing with thermochromic ink and other special effects, on business cards as well as for a wide variety of other printed materials, than H&H Graphics.

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