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New Study on Special Effects in Printing

Posted Thursday, October 27, 2016

New Study on Special Effects in Printing | H&H Graphics

New Study on Special Effects in Printing

InfoTrends recently released the report Beyond CMYK: The Use of Special Effects in Digital Printing. The purpose of this blog post is to provide guidance on when to use digital printing for special effects vs. using screen printing.

Full Disclosure: special effects screen printing is our primary business. However, we believe there is a place for using digital printing special effects and that they are not mutually exclusive.

Report Excerpt & Findings

According to InfoTrends: "Advances in production digital printing toners and inks are creating new opportunities to capture high value pages that require more than traditional CMYK-based colors. The powerful combination of special effects (white, clear, textures, metallic, fluorescents, etc.) with the unique capabilities of digital printing (personalized and on-demand production) is opening up new applications traditionally produced with offset presses and enabling printers to add value to jobs and have a competitive differentiation," stated Jim Hamilton, Group Director at InfoTrends.

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H&H Graphics: Did You Know?

Posted Monday, August 01, 2016

H&H Graphics: Did You Know? | H&H Graphics

H&H Graphics: Did You Know?

H&H Graphics is the leading special effects screen printer in the country.

How can we make this claim? Read on and let us know how we can help you be Anything but Ordinary...

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