A Message for Our Customers Regarding COVID-19

To our Customers:

A Letter to Our Clients Regarding COVID-19

H&H Graphics is fully operational and committed to providing our clients with the highest quality service during these difficult times.

Like you, we have made the health and safety of our employees and all of those around us our highest priority, but we also recognize the role that we can play in helping you to maintain your own client communications. Making sure essential messaging gets through clearly is critical at a time when we are all facing an overload of uncertainty.

We will continue to support our clients who are moving forward as we all try to balance the work of staying safe and staying productive.

Whether you have immediate needs as an essential business or whether you would like to use this time to get ahead with creative, proof of concept or testing in anticipation of our return to health and productivity, we are here for you.

As specialists in creative solutions, we have tremendous faith in the ability of our clients, our business community and our country to get through this and come out stronger on the other side. And of course, a little glitter never fails to lift our spirits...

Please reach out if we can help!

Stay well.


Michelle Leissner, President and CEO
and the entire H&H Team