How We Do It

We create BIG IDEAS. While we can’t always provide names,* here is some inspiration from recent H&H custom solutions.

H&H Client Big Ideas
H&H Client Big Ideas
Glitter flood-coated on thick paper stock for the craft market.
Custom-scented recipe cards promoting a new flavored vodka.
Simulated leather texture on a plastic card for a major retailer.
Gold, heart-shaped scratch off spot on a jewelry store’s Valentine promo mailer.
Aluminum invitations for a special event.
Chocolate scented mailer/program for a food industry trade show.
Vinyl tablecloths showcasing the logo of a major home party company.
Textures simulating the feel of concrete, mown grass, duct tape and a basketball.
Spring-themed game ticket featuring a silver scratch-off flower.
Berry scented postcard promoting a beverage company.
Depth and sparkle of raised glitter on a plastic card for a leading department store.
Gritty textured ink simulating a dirt road on the cover of a travel brochure.

* While our work has helped promote some of the best-known companies in a wide array of market segments, we often can’t reveal our client-partners’ specific projects. However, we are happy to privately share relevant samples and discuss how we can work with your organization.