At H&H Graphics, we work with many of the world’s biggest and best-known brands, along with agencies and creatives working on some of the most interesting and creative campaigns from the world of entertainment, pop culture and pet couture.

From boldface names in Mexican fast-food to the glamour of reality television poop artists to icons of rock and roll, cosmetics and car insurance, our work rubs elbows with a lot of chic ­– and cheeky – campaigns. Dahling, do you want to give your next campaign its moment in the spotlight? Have your people call our people.

And check out a few of the places our work has been seen…

H&H CEO in Packaging Digest: Multisensory Packaging Trends that Make the Sale

Packaging Digest: “That’s why scents and textures and chromic effects have such solid packaging return on investment (ROI). It’s hard not to pick up packaging that tempts you with luxurious or interesting textures, intriguing scents, or the lure of a hidden message. That’s more than a package — it’s an experience.”

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We’ve Got Game: H&H Graphics Launches Charitable Gaming Division

With the launch of Pull-to-Win Products, it’s game on for H&H Graphics! The company’s new venture puts decades of ticket design and special effects printing experience to work for the charitable gaming industry and distributors serving bingo halls, bars, fraternal organizations and other charitable gaming venues.

The new business will help small and mid-size distributors navigate the challenges created by growing demand and supply chain shortages with a reliable and innovative source of pull-tab and other game tickets.

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H&H Graphics is Fresh AF in 2022 Graphics Excellence Awards

GLGA: When the marketing creatives for the TBS cringe comedy “Chad” wanted to capture the essence of those awkward teenage years, they turned to H&H Graphics’ scented printing expertise. We captured that elusive, evocative, eww that puts you right back there, sweating through your cheap cologne in front of your locker as the cool kids saunter by. The effort was one of 16 H&H projects honored with a 2022 Graphic Excellence Award.

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It’s an Honor Just to be Nominated but This is Even Better: 2021 Women in Screen Printing Awards

Screen Printing: “Over the past 12 years, as a thought leader in publishing and educational roles, (Leissner) has continued to use her platform, experience, and research to build awareness of multisensory screen printing possibilities and ROI among other printers, branding agencies and marketers around the world,” says David Rose, VP, Sakurai. “Her internal leadership has driven company growth of 56 percent and the tripling of her staff at H&H Graphics… Simply put, Leissner plays an industry leading role in keeping screen printing relevant and at the forefront of today’s printing solutions.”

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Printing Impressions Best-in-Class Innovator Spotlight

Printing Impressions: Does innovation have a distinctive aroma? It does at H&H Graphics. In fact, innovation there smells remarkably like … tacos. That was the olfactory enhancement the Vernon Hills, Ill.-based specialty screen printing business gave to a holiday gift wrap for Taco Bell by infusing the paper with the scents of each of the snack’s principal ingredients…”

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These Savvy Travelers Have a Nose for Our Poster Art

OOH Today: “To market the new bag, the DTC luggage brand’s marketers got inside the heads of the pups & kittens it was designed for using scented posters at “dog height.” The posters were painted with a scented coating to ensure that pets will notice the outdoor ad when walking by the locations. Geopath reports that pets are not counted in standard OOH measurement. The scents for each poster aligned with the destination featured; such as, the Buenos Aires poster smells like steak, Cairo smells like catnip and Yosemite is scented with cedar.”

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H&H Expertise Puts the Reality in Reality TV

truTV: When a television network wanted a groundbreaking way to promote its one-of-a-kind reality television show about an unusual arts and crafts entrepreneur, its marketing agency turned to H&H Graphics to help launch a “Tirdy Works” watch and sniff episode featuring a scented scratch-off map of key locations in the series. Our ability to recreate the scent of anything you can think of now includes moose poop.

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Taco ‘bout On-Trend: This Wrapping Paper is a Party in Itself “As the holidays are fast-approaching, Taco Bell is one of the first companies to embrace the festivities this season with scented wrapping paper. The design of the CrunchWrapping Paper collection is inspired by the texture of the cuisine that is offered at the fast-food establishment. Last holiday season, consumers had the opportunity to enjoy the different facets of Taco Bell’s Triple Double Crunchwrap in the form of wrapping paper — from patterns that depict seasoned beef and nacho cheese sauce to ones that feature veggies and tortillas.”

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That New Car Smell? We Nailed It

AdAge: A “sniff and sell” newspaper insert for which H&H created an attention-grabbing scent strip for a leading auto insurer drew industry honors as an AdAge “editor’s pick.” Readers who pulled open a flap on the ad experienced a burst of “new car smell” and made a sensory connection that really drove home the messaging…

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