Multisensory Effects: US vs. Overseas Production

Many companies consider moving their printing or production to China or India in an effort to reduce costs and stay competitive. However, the cost of printing or production right here in the USA can be a much better decision for your company, your employees, your customers, and your profits.

Consider these points when you are making the decision. You won’t regret it.

Point of Comparison

H&H Graphics

Overseas Suppliers

Communication and Collaboration We are available to you by phone, email, text or online with a team standing by to assist you with all aspects of your order, and tailor it to your custom requirements. Being in a different time zone from your supplier means it’s a challenge to regularly communicate. Add language barriers, cultural misunderstandings and a different set of standards and assumptions, and your chances of failure increase exponentially.
Cost of Carrying Inventory Order what you need, when you need it. Selling more than expected? Place another order and know we’ll ship it fast. React to your market in a timely manner as consumer behavior changes. Offshoring means longer lead times, and longer lead times mean you need to order further in advance.
Cost of Freight Located in the Northern suburbs of Chicago, we are optimally located to deliver nationwide in a timely and cost-effective manner. Trucking is a more reliable mode of transport, and if you need product expedited, it won’t break the bank! Have you considered the additional shipping cost? This isn’t just the transportation itself, although that can be very significant. It’s also the customs and tariffs, cost of compliance and overhead associated with managing shipping companies that aren’t local. Once your product arrives, how long will it take to get it cleared and released?
Cost of Quality H&H Graphics stands behind our work. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy and we will make it right. Our work conforms to up front agreed upon quality standards and is inspected multiple times as it moves thru our process. Our 40 years of experience working for some of the top brands and companies you know give you peace of mind. It will be done right. An article in American Manufacturing recently talked about Chinese manufacturers who cut corners in their products in order to save money, and we have several clients who learned the hard way that their overseas manufacturer wouldn’t stand behind their product. There may not be a refund or reimbursement for quality issues. Enforcing agreements and quality standards with a foreign based and owned business in a country that lacks a strict trade agreement with the USA can be nearly impossible.
Politics and Government We operate under the same government and laws that you do. Enough said? In today’s political climate, you can’t be sure there won’t be significant new tariffs or political backlash for producing overseas. If things change, and you haven’t qualified a USA based supplier, how will you be sure you can still get product at a reasonable price and keep from going out of business? Additionally, the process of getting government approval, required for products in China, can be lengthy and costly.
Your Customer Working with H&H Graphics, you can proudly say your product is made in the heart of the USA. Our team and their families appreciate every order, and you make a difference! These days, many American consumers are taking a stand. They want to buy from companies that care for fellow Americans, create jobs in the USA giving immigrants a path and feeding our economy. They want you to help them make a difference.

Once you’ve thought about it, there are a lot of hidden and intangible costs to offshoring. Let us show you how you can produce your printing project in the USA and save money!