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Learn How Multisensory Printing Gets Your Clients Noticed & Adds a Powerful Tool to Your Creative Options

Multisensory printing creates a powerful connection between consumers and your clients’ retail packaging, POP displays and promotional materials.  It’s a level of engagement that can’t be matched by appeals that rely on graphic design and other visuals alone because it triggers an emotional connection through multiple senses. This creates a consumer WOW factor, driving product sales and providing fuel for your creativity.

Explore the Possibilities

We can introduce you to a wide variety of compelling special effects, and help you determine which combination aligns with your vision and has the greatest value for your clients. Our constantly evolving array of effects for creative agencies includes:

That’s just the beginning – see what we can do with thermochromic printing (heat activated) and other chromics.

And if you need someone to work with you on a turnkey basis, where we manage the execution of your vision, on-time and on-budget, we can do that too.

Did You Know

  • Marketing that uses printed special effects has been shown to boost sales up to 18%
  • Multisensory marketing can have a powerful impact on brand identity and loyalty
  • Product loyalty doubles when a brand can be experienced through multiple senses
  • 67% of all products go unnoticed in the retail environment

Consumers are drawn to things that engage their senses. Why settle for consumers only SEEING your brand when you can entice them into TOUCHING or SMELLING? Create a message that engages multiple senses and you’ve created a connection that drives sales. Consumers have to NOTICE and REMEMBER your clients’ products, cutting through all the other marketing messages competing for their attention, before they BUY. Research shows that special effects screen printing can provide a powerful, multisensory advantage. Discover the possibilities of multisensory printing in our pre-recorded webinar.

We’ve worked with creative agencies serving a wide variety of consumer packaged goods (CPGs) companies and brand owners in cosmetics, lingerie, liquor, health & beauty, and more.

Multisensory Effects

Using the highest quality inks and UV coatings available, we customize and print a wide variety of special effects, including: