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Extend Your Brand & Increase Sales with Special Effects Printing

Did You Know

  • Marketing using printed special effects has been show to increase sales up to 18%
  • Multi-sensory marketing can have a powerful impact on brand identity and loyalty
  • Product loyalty doubles if a brand can be experienced with several senses
  • 67% of all products are ignored in a retail environment

Consumers are drawn to retail packaging, point-of-purchase (POP) displays, print ads, mailers, and even coupons that stand out. Beyond just SEEING your brand, consumers FEELING it or even SMELLING it engages multiple senses, and research shows that translates into sales. Only when consumers NOTICE and REMEMBER your brand, cutting through all the marketing messages they are inundated with, do they BUY it. This is achieved with special effects screen printing. Discover the possibilities of multisensory printing in our pre-recorded webinar.

We’ve worked with consumer packaged goods (CPGs) and brand owners across a wide variety of consumer products, including cosmetics, lingerie, liquor, health & beauty, and much more.

UV Coatings & Specialty Inks

Using the highest quality inks and UV coatings available, we customize and print a wide variety of special effects, including: