Adult Beverage Special Effects Printing

Build Brand Recognition & Drive Sales with Packaging, Promotions & Labels that Create Unique Consumer Experiences

Multisensory printing lets you stand out in a marketplace of uncountable adult beverage options with special effects that position your brand to own the shelf.

At the point that consumer choices run to more than 300,000 varieties of craft beer, a wine aisle long enough to hold track meets in, and specialty liquor varieties that include choclate chip and brownie flavored rum with hemp milk – we are not making this up, it’s the bom!you can’t afford to just blend in.

Break through the visual clutter and position your brand with print effects that create an experience. Multisensory special effects are a proven method of engaging consumers, who are far more likely to interact with your product when your label or promotion invites them to smell, touch, or experience a hidden reveal. Once they interact with your product, it’s a short path to the shopping cart.

Put Competitors on Ice in the Liquor Aisle with Multisensory Effects

Here are just a few of the impossible-to-ignore multisensory campaigns we have helped create for beer, wine and liquor brands:

  • Irresistibly-scented recipe cards for the luxury raspberry liqueur brand Chambord introduced consumers to the possibilities
  • Flash-activated hidden reveals for a poster that promoted a Miller Lite sweepstakes and encouraged social media sharing
  • Harken Wine bottle neckers that react to reveal a bicycle when the wine is chilled to the right temperature
  • Budweiser Strawberita scented cards customized to smell just like the beverage
  • Jägermeister Halloween promotion using thermochromic ink to reveal hidden messaging by the heat of your touch
  • The SnapShot Effect camera reveal for a Jim Beam dice game promotion
  • Hydrochromic printing on coasters and ice bucket sleeves that reveal a hidden message when they come in contact with moisture
  • The textured reproduction of a tiny piece of artwork for the label and box of the “most amazing” little $800 cabernet you could ever hope to taste
  • Pull-tabs for a Surly Brewing promotion

Partner with H&H for Your Beverage Project

From high-quality scented printing to textures that create a sense of luxury or intrigue to a wide variety of chromic reveals that generate excitement, anticipation and social media buzz, the power of multisensory printing for wine, beer and liquor brands provides the shot of inspiration you need to get noticed in a sea of other liquid options.

At H&H, we do more than printing. We can help bring your project to life with development services that include consultation, research and development and production assistance. If needed, we can even partner with you for turnkey project development that includes sourcing, packaging and displays, co-packing, fulfillment, and distribution/retail agreements. Contact us for a sample and quote.