Charitable Gaming Custom Pull-Tabs & Tickets

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Fun, innovative and profitable, charitable gaming pull-tabs are a growing phenomenon and a source of entertainment and revenue benefitting a wide range of charitable causes across the U.S.

From bingo halls to service clubs, players enjoy the distinctive and satisfying “pop” of the pull-tabs*, the excitement that comes from the chance to win cash and prizes, and the opportunity to support a charitable cause.

*Also known as break-opens, instant bingo, tear-offs, raffle tickets, raffle tabs, peel and win cards, peel offs, club tickets, Nevada tickets, Lucky 7s, charity game cards, jar tickets, pickle cards, instant bingo cards, bell jars, bowl games, cherry bells and pickle cards.

For all of their names, when you partner with a high-quality manufacturer, the real variety comes in the incredible array of innovative artwork and game play available.

Your Partner for Custom Pull-Tabs

H&H Graphics and its gaming division, Pull-to-Win Products, have developed and printed over 1 million pull-tabs since 2016, combining deep expertise in:

  • Multisensory printing
  • Ability to create completely customized varieties
  • Highest-quality production available
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Our satisfied customers include:

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Pull-tab and vending machine distributors

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Bingo halls

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Tribal casinos

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Bars and taverns

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Charitable organizations

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Fraternal organizations

We partner with pull-tab distributor clients as an alternative to traditional manufacturers whose historic dominance in the market comes with slow lead times and inflexible options. We created Pull-to-Win Products to make selling pull-tabs easier and more profitable for you, with lead times in weeks – not months, or years – even for exclusives.

Charitable gaming custom pull tabs

You’re the Winner with Customized Pull-Tabs

Customization options include just about anything you can dream up:

  • Instant win, seal cards and event tickets
  • 1-pull, 3-pull and 5-pull tickets
  • Choice of game play, deal counts and payouts
  • Choice of graphics: designed by our in-house designers
  • Prize verification codes: we can print a unique alphanumeric code or QR code per ticket and supply you with the master list
  • Quality: state-of-the art equipment and processes ensure pull-tabs and tickets that feel and sound right, pop open quickly and hold up in demanding environments

How to Get Started

Contact one of our custom pull-tab experts to learn how you can leverage our capabilities to increase your sales and profits.


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