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#Whoa: Discover How Multisensory Printing Gets Your Brand Noticed

Employing multisensory printing gets your promotional materials, mailers, catalogs, posters, retail packaging, POP displays, and any other printed piece noticed more than relying on graphic design and other visuals alone because it appeals to multiple senses. This creates a consumer WOW factor, product sales, differentiates your brand, and maximizes your print spend ROI.

Did You Know

  • Marketing using printed special effects has been shown to increase sales up to 18%
  • Multisensory marketing can have a powerful impact on brand identity and loyalty
  • Product loyalty doubles if a brand can be experienced through multiple senses
  • 67% of all products go unnoticed in a retail environment

Consumers are drawn to things that engage their senses. When you create packaging that takes consumers beyond just SEEING your brand to FEELING it or even SMELLING it, you’ve engaged multiple senses, and research shows that’s a connection that translates into sales. Consumers have to NOTICE and REMEMBER your brand, among all the other marketing messages they are inundated with, before they will BUY it. That is the magic of special effects screen printing. Discover the possibilities of multisensory printing in our pre-recorded webinar.

Explore the Possibilities

We can introduce you to a wide variety of compelling special effects, and help you determine which combination aligns with your vision and will have the greatest value for your clients. We’ve helped creative agencies create effects like:

And that’s just the beginning – see what we can do with thermochromic printing (heat activated) and other chromics.

And if you need someone to work with you on a turnkey basis—where we manage the execution of your vision, on-time and on-budget—we can do that too.

Multisensory Effects

Using the highest quality inks and UV coatings available, we customize and print a wide variety of special effects, including:


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