Scratch-Off Printing

Itching to stand out? Scratch-off printing that invites user interaction might be the answer.

Have you ever seen someone throw away a scratch off card without checking to see if they’ve won? No? That’s because consumers can’t help themselves. It’s human nature to check just in case they are a grand prize winner!

Ideal Scratch-Off Printing Uses

Scratch-off printing is most effectively done using UV coatings and is ideal to enhance your message on the following: world maps (see below), direct mail, postcards, gift cards, other plastic cards, tradeshow giveaways, in-store promotions, incentive programs, tickets, coupons, business cards, and more.

Many colors are available, though silver, gray, black, and gold are the most popular. For games and promotions, we have a scratch-off color to work with your design.

Scratch-Off World Maps

H&H Graphics offers the most accurate registration between scratch-off overprinting and the four-color printing underneath. We also ensure that scratch-off printing doesn’t come off too easily or require excessive scratching, which stems from our extensive experience printing UV ink on offset litho printed 4-color and making sure it cures properly.

We also offer higher quality, better communication and shorter lead-time issues than sourcing in China, India or elsewhere overseas – proving once again that the cheapest option is often not the best.

Before Scratching

Travel Scratch-Off Maps: Before

After Scratching

Travel Scratch-Off Maps: After

Take It Up a Notch

Use a scratch off to send users to your website to key in their code and see if they’ve won, or make the scratch off area the shape of your product or a fun design rather than a standard box or oval. We can add an additional coating on tap of the scratch off portion of your piece, which could be printing in any color (e.g. your logo, a $ sign, “Scratch Here”) or we can add scented printing to create a scratch-n-sniff effect.

Scratch-Off Printing Specifications


  • Should be printed on coated stock with a non-aqueous varnish – we can varnish if needed
  • Can sometimes be printed on un-coated stock, but needs to be tested prior to a production run


  • Over lamination (30 mil)
  • Does not require varnish coat

Other Substrates Specs

  • For automatic presses: minimum 70# text max 30 pt. board
  • No textiles or apparel
  • Flat surface


  • Requires a 1/16″ trap (scratch off area is 1/16″ larger than the artwork it’s covering)
  • Text or artwork printed under the scratch off should be scaled back to 30-50% (scale back 50-80%) to avoid show-through of the image or text
  • Area to be screen printed should be 100% solid black (no screens or half tones)
  • In position for entire sheet with crop marks
  • We prefer PDF format

Minimum Order Quantity

  • 500 sheets for fully automatic
  • Otherwise $750

Sheet Size

  • Fully automatic: minimum size: 15″ x 22″; maximum size 28″ x 40″
  • Semi-Automatic: no minimum size; maximum size: 25″ x 38″
  • Please allow 3/4″ to 1″ for gripper


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