Scent Strips: Enhance Your Product or Promotion with the Power of Aromatherapy

Once overlooked as the least important of the five senses, scent is now recognized as a powerful tool for navigating the world around us, with a nearly direct pathway to our brains.

What’s more, our knowledge of the science of smell is growing rapidly, in part due to research connected with its loss – a key symptom of COVID-19 infection.

Bookending its usefulness as a diagnostic tool, the sense of smell has the ability to affect the way we feel, with scents capable of triggering a wide range of emotions, as in aromatherapy.

While H&H Graphics creates multisensory special effects that include an endless variety of scents for a nearly endless list of applications, the pandemic has created a demand for scent products that bridge both physical and emotional health.

Our scented strips for face masks are a perfect example, adding the soothing whiff of aromatherapy to the necessary burden of wearing face masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

With the pleasing, high-quality and long-lasting touch of lemon, orange or peppermint, scented mask strips keep masks fresh for hours, improving mood and the likelihood of compliance with masking guidelines.

Scent strips can also be used in other applications, limited only by your imagination.

Endless Applications for Scented Printing

As proof of the market for scent strips, there is a long practice of magazine readers re-purposing scented perfume advertising for adding scent to, well, just about everything, from drawers to glove compartments. Here are just a few of the applications that make use of our scent printing capability to bring the power of scent to everyday products.


Combine your messaging with one of these applications and put the power of scent marketing to work for your brand!

  • Sweet dreams! Relaxing aromatherapy scent strips for pillows
  • Bon Voyage: Adventurous scent strips to keep luggage contents smelling fresh
  • Just Do It: Inspirational freshening for gym bags
  • Scented Sentiments: Add a scented sticker to your correspondence
  • Energize: Peppermint-scented strips can buoy energy and motivation
  • Home Sweet Home: Scent strips for drawers, cabinets, closets and more

If you have an idea for a scented product you’d like to create, H&H can help with turnkey product management services that let you bring a product to market without a giant up-front investment. Whether you are a brand manager or an entrepreneur, we have the expertise and experience to help you bring your scented product or promotion to life.

Scent Strip Examples Produced by H&H Graphics

Eucalyptus Scented Stickers
Fresco Scented Adhesive Strips
Masksense Lavender Scented Strips