Textured Printing & Soft Touch

Textured printing, including Soft Touch®, helps consumers connect with your brand through packaging, retail POP displays, book covers, gift cards, credit cards, greeting cards, direct mail and any other printed piece, helping you be Anything But Ordinary.

Soft Touch

Soft Touch coating gives paper a soft, velvety feel that conveys a luxurious tactile appeal. Soft Touch UV coatings dry quickly, don’t turn yellow and are relatively eco-friendly. It also resists fingerprints and also scuff marks during its production as well as in use, which is an advantage of Soft Touch UV coating vs. varnishes. Soft Touch is best applied for a raised, 3D effect on gloss paper or on plastic, which minimizes flattening of images when applied on a spot basis.

One example of Soft Touch include gift cards for a retailer of baby products (right) where the letters feel as soft as a baby’s blanket. We’ve also printed fuzzy teddy bears on greeting cards and have applied soft touch to liquor packaging, similarly to how Apple uses a version of Soft Touch for all of their packaging to give them a luxury feel.

Textured Printing: More Options

We’ve also used UV coatings to print pieces with a leather, wood, sand, grit, or other custom textures. We even simulated the feel of enamel for a toothpaste ad and the feel of duct tape for a major retailer’s gift cards. We pride ourselves on creating textures to match your branding and concept so challenge us!

Textured Printing Example:
Doesn’t the raised UV printing make this printed piece look like the leather of a real football?

Contact us to learn how Soft Touch printing with UV coating can help you be Anything but Ordinary

Soft Touch & Textured Printing Specifications


  • Paper and plastic (30 mil)
  • For automatic presses: minimum 70# text max 30 pt. board
  • No textiles or apparel
  • Flat surface


  • Area to be screen printed should be 100% solid black (no screens or half tones)
  • In position for entire sheet with crop marks
  • We prefer PDF format

Minimum Order Quantity

  • 500 sheets for fully automatic
  • Otherwise $750

Sheet Size

  • Fully automatic: minimum size: 15″ x 22″; maximum size 28″ x 40″
  • Semi-Automatic: no minimum size; maximum size: 25″ x 38″
  • Please allow 3/4″ to 1″ for gripper


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