What We Don’t Do

Compete with Our Partners

While our amazing work has helped promote the top companies in most market segments, we maintain strict confidentiality to protect our client-partners. However, we are happy to privately share relevant samples and discuss how we can work with your organization in the same confidential manner.

Produce Ordinary Stuff

H&H Graphics is Anything But Ordinary! We are committed to continuously developing new and creative ways to create custom printed materials. Sure, we can handle high volume routine projects with quality and efficiency, but we are BEST known for the stellar creative and technical expertise we bring to bear, which result in a custom solution that is sure to impress your clients.

Replace the Commercial Printer

Our relationship with printers is unique. H&H does not attempt to compete or replace a printer’s vital role. Instead, we work closely with printers to extend services that may either be too costly to provide, or require expertise or equipment that a printer doesn’t have but wishes to extend to their clients.

Contact us to learn more about UV coating printing and specialty finishing

Marketing using special finishing effects has been shown to increase sales up to 18%.

It makes scents: Aromatic catalog, Donna Goodison, Boston Herald.com, 2006