Book Jacket & Cover Special Effects Screen Printing

Do you want to sell more books? Consumers do judge a book by its cover and publishers know the graphic design of a book cover will help sell the book, but have you considered using special effects printing to make your book cover stand out and get noticed?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. We serve publishers small and large with high-gloss UV coatings and a wide range of special effects printing. We even won the Gutenberg Award for printing glitter on the Dork Diaries book cover (on right).

Special effects screen printing can be applied over the entire book cover (flood) or on a spot printing basis and we will match any custom color. Gloss coatings are often used to bring life to the author’s picture and other images, but getting creative with other techniques will attract even more attention on the shelf both on the spine and cover. Special effects printing can also protect books from fingerprints and wear and tear.

Book Cover UV Coatings & Specialty Inks

Using the highest quality inks and UV coatings available, we can print any of the following on hard cover or paperback book covers:


Our research and development department focuses full-time technical expertise, creating new custom inks and coatings for book covers. We work closely with publishers as part of the design process. Challenge us and we can do it. Learn more…


We add value far beyond the special effects we print by providing education to our partners about the screen printing process and book cover design.

Contact us to learn how to make book covers Anything but Ordinary with special effects screen printing and UV coatings

Custom Color Matching for Book Covers & Jackets

Custom Color Matching Example for Binth Baby Books


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