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Discover How Multisensory Printing Can Be an Invaluable Tool for Getting Your Clients’ Packaging Noticed

Multisensory printing is far more effective at drawing attention to your clients’ retail packaging than relying on graphic design and other visuals, and goes farther than more simple effects like gloss, matte and stock glitter because it appeals to multiple senses. This creates a consumer WOW factor, drives product sales and can help fuel your creativity.

Did You Know

  • 67% of all consumer packaged goods in a retail environment go unnoticed
  • Marketing that employs printed special effects increases sales up to 18% on average
  • Multi-sensory marketing can amplify brand identity and loyalty
  • Product loyalty doubles when a brand is experienced through multiple senses

When a consumer stands in front of the shelf to choose a product, the package is the reason they will notice it… or not. Give your packaging the advantage of scientifically proven multisensory special effects and boost engagement, sales and ROI.

Consumers not only SEE your packaging, they can FEEL it or even SMELL it, and when you engage multiple senses, they REMEMBER it.

Explore the Possibilities

We can introduce you to a wide variety of compelling special effects, and help you determine which combination aligns with your vision and will have the greatest value for your clients. We’ve helped packaging designers take advantage of effects like:

And that’s just the beginning – explore the possibilities of multisensory printing in our pre-recorded webinar.

Your Multisensory Printing Partner

By working as your partner, we extend your packaging design services and digital and lithographic printing capabilities to include special effects screen printing. This enhances your value proposition, differentiates your printing service and delights your clients.

We can print multisensory special effects on just about any packaging material, including folding cartons, cardboard, chipboard and even APET plastic. Multisensory printing is also effective at making retail POP displays stand out.

How to Start

Our mission is to enlighten CPGs, brand owners, packaging designers, and others about how special effects printing increases sales by engaging the senses, and we’d like to collaborate with you to make this happen. Here are a few options for working together:

  • Sample Packs: let us know what you have in mind – if we’ve done it before, we’ll send you samples for consideration
  • Proof of Concept: Challenge us – we love exceeding expectations and achieving the seemingly impossible, and a proof of concept shows what is possible.
  • Sales Enablement: Let’s team up on webinars, sales calls and at events to show your clients and prospects the possibilities together; alternatively, let us host a lunch and learn for your sales team, and educate them about selling value-added special effects

We exclusively offer special effects screen printing services. We do not offer packaging design or non-specialty printing services.


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