SnapShot Effect

Flash Photos Reveal Hidden Messaging: Perfect for Social Media Promotions

“SnapShot” is one of our newest screen printing special effects and is one of the most unique. SnapShot is especially powerful for targeting Millennials for getting them engaged with you and your brand on social media.

What Is SnapShot?

SnapShot is a special effects screen printing method using a proprietary UV coating, developed by H&H Graphics.

The idea is to create a secret message that only appears when someone takes a flash photo. This allows greeting cards, retail POP displays, posters, and other marketing pieces to have messaging and/or graphics that show up unexpectedly later.

As a result, SnapShot is a fun way to add intrigue to your brand, messaging and products/services.

Promotional Beer Poster Example

We used the Snapshot Effect screen printing on two beer posters used to promote a rodeo in Texas. Bar patrons were encouraged to take a photo with a flash, post it on Instagram and to use this hashtag to promote both the beer brand and the event. Below is what it looks like before and after:

SnapShot Screen Printing Before SnapShot Screen Printing After

Pull-Tab Promotion & Direct Mail Example

Using pull-tabs combined with our proprietary SnapShot technology is a direct mail special effects printing innovation.

Easy as 1-2-3

  1. Recipients of your direct mailing will receive a pull tab card in the mail like the one below
  2. After pulling or peeling the tab, they’ll be prompted to take a flash photo of what lies underneath to see what they’ve won
  3. To claim their prize, they’ll then need to post the image to social media with a hashtag like #yourbrandwinner

SnapShot Pull-Tab Promotion

SnapShot Example Video


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