Multisensory Printing: Maximize Your Print Spend ROI

Experience Results That Defy What You Thought Possible…

Multisensory Printing Special Effects

What is the difference between a print spend with demonstrable ROI and a print spend that just takes up space in your marketing budget?

It’s the ability to grab and hold the attention of your target audience. If your packaging, POP retail displays and gaming promotions can’t do that, consider giving yourself a multisensory advantage.

First Impressions

There are first impressions and then there are first impressions that leave an impression. The difference in ROI can be huge. A first impression that creates an experience, sets a mood or inspires a consumer’s curiosity is a dramatically different starting point than a first impression that relies on a bit of communication and a logo, no matter how great your logo looks.

Multisensory printing appeals are a proven method of stimulating a deeper form of consumer engagement. Special effects printing techniques take your packaging to another level, from “Hmm, look at that” to, “Wow, what is that?”

When you add multisensory print effects like scent, texture, glitter, or a hidden reveal, your product or message doesn’t just get noticed – it gets touched, sniffed, scratched, photographed, and shared.

Alone or in combination, multisensory effects can increase engagement and sales typically by 20% over printing that relies on visual effects only.

A Partner in Your Print ROI

At H&H, we don’t sell printing jobs. We sell solutions to your branding challenges based on 40 years of multisensory printing experience. We will work with you to design a campaign that maximizes the impact of your messaging for ROI with results.

We have deep expertise and an R&D team that specializes in creating one-of-a-kind special effects tailored to the goals of your campaign. Contact us to learn why so many major brands, from food, cosmetics and publishing companies – among other industries – have deployed H&H special effects for their packaging, display and promotional campaigns. Here are just a few of the special effects we do better than anyone:

  • Textured: reproduce the feel of linen, silk, velvet, tire tread, sand, a baby blanket or a rose petal. Use your imagination
  • Scented: effuse your packaging or promotion with the smell of money, freshly mown grass, a new baby, a batch of cookies or any of 100 other scents and, if we don’t have it, we’ll create it
  • Chromic & Glow-in-the-Dark: create hidden reveals with coatings that react to heat, light, water or a camera flash
  • Scratch-Off: used to reveal secret messages, discount codes, sweepstakes entries or a hidden layer of information on map, posters and puzzles
  • Custom glitter (that never rubs off), pearlescent, mirrored, and other finishes add glamour and fun

Do more than just spend money on your next print promotion – generate mystery, spark curiosity, build excitement and generate ROI.