Pique Curiosity with Hidden Messaging

Special Effect Techniques that Leverage the Power of Anticipation

Pique Curiosity with Hidden Messaging

If you’ve ever found yourself in the light of a big screen television in the wee hours wondering “where did the time go?” – you know the irresistible pull of the cliffhanger. You have to know, and you can’t stop watching until you do.

It’s the power of anticipation and it’s an extremely effective way to deliver an audience to your big reveal.

Special effects printing can do the same thing, transforming an otherwise ordinary promotional campaign into a powerful form of consumer engagement. When you build a bit of mystery into your promotion, you’ve multiplied the likelihood of reaching your audience.

Conceal & Reveal

Touch, sniff, scratch, turn off the lights, or take a picture and things will be revealed to you. That’s the power behind our special effects printing reveals. You don’t have to have a degree in psychology to recognize the powerful allure of the unknown. We all want to know. We can’t help but peek. What’s behind the curtain?

Whether your big reveal is a discount code, a sweepstakes entry or an Instagrammable hidden message or image, we’ve got an array of printing techniques that can deliver the magic – and the sales – you’re looking for. Use them alone or in combination with glitter, textures and scents to create irresistible multisensory promotions.

Promotions that Make Sense


Our proprietary Snapshot UV coating hides a secret message revealed when exposed to a camera flash. Encourage sharing with an online promotion and leverage the power of social media to amplify your reach.


Go all in with special inks that react with water to reveal hidden messaging around anything from beauty products to beach resorts.

Is It Hot in Here?

Photochromic and thermochromic inks that react to light and heat can create color-changing effects as well as revealing hidden images or messaging when touched or exposed to heat or light.

Undercover Work

Ramp up the drama with glow-in-the-dark packaging or promotions that do their best work when the lights go out.

Made from Scratch

Scratch-off ink can be used for a wide variety of promotions, from sweepstakes to hidden discounts or other messaging. Nobody resists.

Let Us Surprise You

At H&H Graphics, our R&D department is always working to come up with new ways to put the “wow” into your printing project, whether it’s a mail promotion, packaging, a POP display or other marketing collateral. We’ve used special effect reveals to create memorable book covers, posters, packaging, brochures, report covers, mailers, banners, gift cards and more.

Use your imagination or use our team to create memorable multisensory promotions that stand out from the competition and get your product noticed.* We can bring your idea to life or we can help you through the process of creating the right design for your audience and your message. We’ve got decades of experience in the art, science and logistics of creating one-of-a-kind special effects promotions.

Give us a call or click on the link below and we’d be happy to reveal what we can do for your next project.

* Also: touched, photographed, scratched and sniffed. Have you checked out our array of custom scents?