Multisensory Printing: Start Your Journey

Discover How Special Effects Boost Shelf Appeal, Sales & Customer Engagement

Multisensory Printing Webinar

If you would like to understand how multisensory special effects can instantly boost the appeal and value of your product, packaging, POP retail displays, gaming promotions, gift cards, greetings cards, book covers, promotions and more, we can help. Start with these three easy steps:

Step 1: View Our Pre-Recorded Webinar

Get introduced to the wide variety of multisensory printing applications and learn about the distinct psychological impacts and associations they engender. You will also learn how ESPN, Bath & Body Works, Field Notes, and a Cape Cod Restaurant use multisensory printing to increase consumer engagement with their retail packaging, POP displays and other printed materials.

Step 2: Consider Our Turnkey Project Management Option

Partner with H&H for inspired, reliable and high-quality execution and fulfillment and give yourself the space you need to focus on your core competencies. Learn how we work with creative agencies, brand managers and commercial printers to maximize the impact of multisensory printing with the least amount of effort for you.

Step 3: Contact Us for a Multisensory Printing Review

Tell us about your project and your branding, product sales and customer satisfaction goals (and frustrations), and we will come up with solutions for how to achieve them with multisensory printing special effects. Here’s how it works:

  • Discovery Meeting: we have an initial call or in-person meeting to establish what you want to achieve with multisensory printing for a specific project or product, or as part of an overall partnership (especially if you work for an agency or commercial printer)
  • Research & Development (R&D): to determine the best path forward, we can conduct drawdowns, press proofs, test adhesions, determine acceptable tolerances, etc. to establish a proof of concept (POC) – this may require a small investment on your part; we can also provide samples of past projects
  • Quote: we will provide preliminary project pricing and a project plan