Standing Out with Special Effects: Whitepaper

Traditionally, packaging was used for functional purposes, including the transport, storage and protection of everyday goods. We now live in a different world where packaging drives sales, advertising and branding.

Shoppers have changed as well. Millennials now use technology to engage with retailers and want an “experiential buying” experience with packaging that appeals to the senses.

Increasing shelf appeal is the objective and specialty coatings applied on packaging enhance almost any product’s appeal. However, simple glossy coatings alone are not enough. Just walk down any store aisle and see the kaleidoscope of glossy packages.

According to a study by the Point of Purchase Advertising Industry (POPAI):

  • A package has 3-7 seconds to make an impression
  • 58% of shoppers purchase something they did not plan to (impulse buys)
  • Retail shelves can hold up to 1,700 packages

To differentiate products today, a variety of special effects coatings are being added to packaging. Glitter, pearl or metallic coatings can be combined with contrasting matte and gloss effects to provide visual stimulation.

Multi-Sensory Marketing: Visual Appeal Is Not Enough

Martin Lindstrom’s groundbreaking research in “Brand Sense” discovered that 83% of all commercial communication appeals only to one sense: our eyes. Lindstrom then explains how the most successful brand owners use strategies to integrate packaging that appeals to all 5 senses—touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound.

Create an Emotional Connection with Your Brand and Product

When a product appeals to multiple senses, the more emotionally connected the consumer feels with it. The connection of consumers to brands through the senses adds five important dimensions:

  1. Emotional engagement
  2. Visceral reaction
  3. Connection between perception and reality
  4. Creation of a brand platform for product extensions
  5. Trademark scents

Whitepaper Request

Written by one of our partners, Sun Chemical, this whitepaper explains how to create an emotional connection with consumers using special effects screen printing. Specifically, the whitepaper explores:

  • The Importance of Sensory Branding
  • Visual Effects Coating Options
  • Shelf Appeal through the Sense of Touch
  • The Power of Aroma

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