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  • Multisensory Special Effects Screen Printing

    Engage Consumers Like Never Before

    With Multisensory Special Effects: Textured, Scented, Thermochromic & More

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  • Multisensory Printing Webinar

    Multisensory Printing Webinar

    Learn How to Engage Consumers Like Never Before to Increase Sales

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  • Thermochromic Printing

    Thermochromic Consumer Engagement

    Heat Activated Special Effects Reveals Hidden Messaging

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  • Glitter Printing

    Maximize Your Packaging & POP Display ROI

    Multisensory Special Effects Printing Accelerates Product Sales

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  • SnapShot Effect

    Flash Reveals Hidden Messaging with the SnapShot Effect

    Ideal for Engaging Consumers on Social Media

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Multisensory Printing with Special Effects:
Dramatically Increase Consumer Engagement

Learn how to create a unique, fun and appealing consumer experience with thermochromic, textures, scents, glitter, glow-in-the dark, scratch-off, and other special effects screen printing techniques.

Popular Applications

Retail Packaging & Displays

Retail Packaging & POP Display Special Effects

Visual differentiation is not enough – stand out in any retail environment by appealing to consumers with touch and smell, and watch rival brand managers turn green with envy.

Gift Cards

Increase gift card sales with textured printing and other special effects leveraging our extensive screen printing experience, including 200 million in the past 12 months alone.

Gaming & Promotions

Gaming & Promotions Scratch-Off and Special Effects

Create unique and fun consumer engagement with scratch-off printing, pull-tabs, ScanCards, bingo cards, contests, sweepstakes, and other gaming promotions.

Popular Special Effects

Thermochromic & Chromic Ink

Thermochromic & Chromic Ink Special Effects Printing

Hidden messaging is revealed with heat (thermochromic), light (photochromic), water (hydrochromic), flash (SnapShot), generating consumer engagement unmatched by ordinary printing.

Textures & Soft Touch

Textured Printing

Increase consumer engagement and product sales by achieving the Neuroscience of Touch and The Endowment Effect with textured printing special effects and Soft Touch.

Scents & Fragrances

Scent & Fragrance Special Effects Screen Printing

Reproduce the smell of leather, baby powder, freshly baked cookies, or any other custom scent to have your packaging or other printed piece stand out from the crowd.