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Discover the Possibilities of Multisensory Printing

Discover the Possibilities of Multisensory Printing

Learn how to create unique, fun and interactive customer experiences that get your brand noticed with special effects, including thermochromic, textures, scents, glitter, glow-in-the-dark, scratch-off, hidden messaging, and more.

Experience Flawless Execution

Experience Flawless Execution

If you prefer an engaged and reliable partner to just another reactive vendor, our flexible and customizable turnkey project management service will bring your product and merchandising ideas to life without the headaches.

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  • From what I have seen so far, the maps are beautiful! Thanks again for all your hard work and attention to detail! We are so happy to be working with you guys! Thanks again- you guys are awesome!

    Owner, Scratch-Off Map Company
  • The project was complex, rewarding and exciting. H&H was reliable with their timelines, easy to communicate with, very responsive, and their pricing was reasonable.

    ESPN Deportes
  • Snowblind sold pretty quickly and our customers really liked it. Snowblind featured a pretty great ‘interference’ effect on the text, and we would be likely to use that again. I feel like the awesomeness of that was a bit lost compared to the ‘wow factor’ of the photochromic ink and we could use that to good effect on its own.

    Field Notes
  • The scratch-off promotions for our restaurant created by H&H Graphics work beautifully for marketing in a busy time followed by redemption in a slow time. The ROI is incredible.

    Scargo Cafe
  • Whenever I come across a project that needs silk-screening I immediately think of H&H Graphics. H&H has delivered a quality job every time regardless of the schedule. I especially recall the weekend they opened their doors for us and ran 3 presses simultaneously so that we were able to deliver for our customer. They are a partnership I rely on every time!

  • H&H Graphics has been and continues to be an industry leader, a trusted business partner and a great resource for us here at Multi Packaging Solutions. H&H is always more than willing to work with me and provide solutions. Working with H&H in providing clients with new innovative concepts has created an opportunity to engage our clients like never before.

    Multi Packaging Solutions


Special Effects Screen Printing Blog | H&H Graphics

Customers Sniff You Out with Scented Special Effects Printing

Posted Monday, November 16, 2020

Customers Sniff You Out with Scented Special Effects Printing | H&H Graphics

The customer always nose best, as they say, and what better way to attract your audience’s attention than through a scentsational ad?

Scent printing offers innovative and powerful ways to generate interest among consumers of all kind – and species.

As one of our recent projects demonstrates, these aromatic tricks of the trade aren’t just for human prospects. Our furry companions can smell 10,000 to 100,000 times more acutely than their human counterparts, making them the purrfect audience for olfactory-based ads.

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Special Effects Screen Printing Blog | H&H Graphics

H&H in the Spotlight as a Printing Impressions “Best-in-Class” Innnovator

Posted Friday, October 30, 2020

H&H in the Spotlight as a Printing Impressions “Best-in-Class” Innnovator | H&H Graphics

At H&H Graphics, we have enjoyed many industry honors for our work over the years, but it’s particularly gratifying to be recognized for innovation in a year in which our clients really needed it.

Our role in creating one-of-a-kind multisensory products like scratch-off maps, smell tests and taco-scented wrapping paper helped us land on Printing Impression’s list of Best-in-Class Innovators for 2020.

The article describing our selection also spotlights our work in product development, offering clients the ability to patent H&H-developed processes in return for exclusive contracts to manufacture the products.

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Special Effects Screen Printing Blog | H&H Graphics

Poster Dreams for Easing Pandemic Realities

Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Poster Dreams for Easing Pandemic Realities | H&H Graphics

What makes a poster a classic? Posters created to promote America’s national parks and put artists to work as part of the Depression-era Federal Art Project can fetch thousands of dollars each today.

Rare movie posters have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. But the popularity of posters goes far beyond their monetary value. They’re a way of showcasing our individual tastes and obsessions, whether we’re travelers, classic movie buffs or connoisseurs of beer.

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Special Effects Screen Printing Blog | H&H Graphics

The Sweet (Or Not So Sweet) Smell of Success

Posted Thursday, September 17, 2020

The Sweet (Or Not So Sweet) Smell of Success | H&H Graphics

With as many as 400 olfactory receptors, the human nose may be able to distinguish among at least a trillion different odors.

So even though we have a list of more than 800 of them that we can reproduce as part of our expertise in scented printing, it’s a jaw dropping bit of context that suggests we have a way to go before we run out of possibilities…

But of course, we’re all about possibilities here at H&H Graphics and we have an R&D Department that lives for a challenge.

If you have an idea for a scented print promotion that’s never been done – and there are apparently more than nine hundred and ninety-nine billion of them – we’d love to hear it.

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