Thermographic Printing Case Study: Building in the Wow Factor

Posted Thursday, April 27, 2017

Thermographic Printing Case Study: Building in the Wow Factor | H&H Graphics

Thermographic Printing Case Study: Building in the Wow Factor

What would you give for a few seconds more of a client's attention to your printed materials? Think of all the ways you could leverage that window of extra engagement with your messaging.

For the creative directors and brand managers who take advantage of the state of the art printing technology offered by H&H Graphics, that's not just wishful thinking. It's real time, real engagement and a real advantage over the competition in grabbing – and retaining – customer focus.

That's what GDS Branding and ESPN Argentina discovered when their search for a cutting-edge effect for the cover of an annual conference brochure led them to H&H Graphics and the Anything but Ordinary possibilities of thermochromic ink.

ESPN Subscriber Conference Brochure

ESPN Argentina wanted a brochure cover that would make the 1,500 attendees of its annual magazine subscriber conference stop and take notice. What they got was a publication that, according to the GDS graphic designer, was a mind-blowing experience! Thermochromic ink printing created a dynamic cover that changed from a solid color when touched, revealing a heat-activated message underneath.

Thermographic Printing Case Study: Before Thermographic Printing Case Study: After
H&H Graphics Thermochromic Coated in Non-Activated Stage H&H Graphics Thermochromic Coated in Activated Stage

Thermochromic Printing Technology

The technology that made this possible is perhaps best known in the liquid crystal form that was used to create the "Mood Rings" that burst into the culture in the 1970s. Thermochromic inks are also the secret behind the cold-activated mountains that appear on Coors beer cans.

At H&H Graphics, our expertise in thermochromic screen printing – and a wide variety of other custom effects for advertising, consumer packaging, product labels and more – provides clients with state of the art solutions to the challenge of trying to stand out from the competition.

Impact of Special Effects Screen Printing

Thermochromic screen printing and other special effects can multiply the ROI of printed materials with proven methods of boosting customer engagement. Our efforts for GDS Branding and ESPN Argentina delivered on the promise of this unique technology in multiple ways:

  • Creating a one-of-a-kind customer experience that differentiated the message and was less likely to be ignored or forgotten
  • Engaging and extending audience attention with eye-catching and tactile special effects
  • Reinforcing brand loyalty with a presentation that reached the audience through multiple senses

Contact us today to see how thermographic printing or other special effects screen printing can maximize the ROI of your print spend.

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