How to Create Can’t Walk Away Branding with Multisensory Printing

Break through the Noise with Multisensory Appeals that Create an Extraordinary Customer Experience

Multisensory Printing Special Effects

What distinguishes the brand messages that get through the noise of a cluttered marketplace and hold our attention? A great product isn’t enough. Clever copywriting or a flashy logo can’t do it.

In a marketplace crowded with options and saturated with messaging, you’ve got to do more than show and tell. You’ve got to make your audience feel something.

The best brand and marketing managers know this almost intuitively. They build campaigns that convey more than clever words and images – they convey an experience, they set a mood, they leave an impression.

And while the range of human experience is vast, the most direct path begins with an appeal to the senses. Smell can trigger feelings of longing or nostalgia or provoke a specific memory. Touch can evoke a sense of luxury or well-being; visual effects can convey mystery, suspense, glamour, credibility, fear or regret. Tastes and sounds connect us to moods and memories as vividly as a photograph.

Make a Powerful Connection with Multisensory Branding

The associations that can be evoked through sensory connection are an endless and powerful array of feelings. In 2005, marketing expert Martin Lindstrom revealed the powerful role such associations play in our buying decisions. His book “Brand Sense” popularized the science behind multisensory marketing appeals and showed us how some of the most successful brands in the world carefully cultivate sensory appeals to lure us into their stores, onto their airplanes, and to get their products into our lives. By focusing on creating an experience instead of an onslaught of messaging, these companies created brands that resonated on a deeper level, shaping perception and forging a connection that made buying into an act of loyalty.

At H&H Graphics, we’re experts at deploying multisensory resonance, with special effects screen printing that a use a wide variety of sensory appeals to make packaging, POP displays, gift cards and a wide variety of printed promotions stand out from the competition and get noticed. Whether you want your audience to stop and smell the roses or take a selfie in the aisle, we’ve got a technique for making it happen. Here are just a few of the special effects we create for our clients:

  • Textured inks that can reproduce the feel of everything from the soft-touch of a baby blanket to the dimpled leathery feel of a football
  • Scented printing that can reproduce the smell of a crisp dollar bill, a fresh batch of cupcakes or that new baby smell
  • Chromic and glow-in-the-dark coatings that react to heat, light or water to reveal hidden messaging or images
  • SnapShot printing that contains a hidden message – and a social media shareworthy image – revealed by the flash of a cell phone camera
  • Scratch-off inks that can be used to reveal secret messages, discount codes, sweepstakes entries or a hidden layer of information on map, posters and puzzles
  • A wide variety of custom glitter, pearlescent, mirrored and other finishes that glimmer and glow

Used alone or in combination, these multisensory special effects have a proven impact on consumer engagement.

If you’re looking for a way to get more out of your next project, give us a call or click on the link below to learn more about what our R&D team can do for you. We can work with you to bring your idea to completion or we can help you identify the can’t-walk-away techniques that are right for your message and your audience.