The Multisensory Marketing Playbook

Posted Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The Multisensory Marketing Playbook | H&H Graphics

“To bring branding into the 21st century, the most successful companies are using marketing campaigns that appeal to all five senses.” - Danish author and brand expert Martin Lindstrom, "Brand Sense."

When branding guru Martin Lindstrom unveiled the science behind how big companies were using touch, smell, sound and more to persuade consumers to buy their products in his 2010 book "Brand Sense," brand managers who weren't appealing to their consumers' senses learned they were missing out on a huge competitive advantage. From "new car" smell to custom-designed tastes, sounds, and textures, Brand Sense outlined the powerful appeal of sensory marketing.

Among other examples, Lindstrom cited Singapore Airlines' use of matching flight attendants, scripted cabin announcements, silky decor and scented hot towels as an example of exemplary multisensory marketing used to create a memorable consumer experience and create a brand identity.

How the Senses Influence Buyer Behavior

Lindstrom drew on over 20 years experience as an advertising CEO and adviser to Fortune 500 companies to analyze corporate and consumer buying trends. In 2004, he headed what has been described as the single largest study of buyer behavior and the influence of the senses in advertising.

Known as the Buyology Project, the study was conducted in partnership with Kantar Millward Brown and took over four years and $7 million to complete. Lindstrom took advantage of new technological advances in neuromarketing to scan the brains of over 2,000 consumers and analyze their buying behaviors.

Lindstrom concluded that branding was evolving into what he called a Holistic Selling Proposition, or HSP, in which brands have unique sensory identities, as expressed in each message, symbol, and ritual that consumers are exposed to. Multisensory marketing creates a holistic experience that draws the consumer in and reinforces brand messaging in a way that strictly visual appeals can not.

Special Effect Printing Techniques for Multisensory Appeal

At H&H Graphics, we have deep expertise in creating multisensory campaigns for packaging and print promotions that take consumer engagement to the next level.

From state-of-the-art screen printing techniques that create custom colors, textures and scents, to techniques that use light, heat and water sensitive inks to create dramatic "reveals," we provide our clients with the "wow" they need to distinguish their products from the competition. We've worked with international cosmetic brands, luxury car makers, big-box retailers, book and movie publishers and a wide variety of other clients who won't settle for "ordinary" when it comes to packaging or promoting their brands.

If you'd like to learn more about creating a one-of-a-kind multisensory brand experience for your product, give us a call or click on the link below.

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