Multisensory Printing Webinar

"Brands have to be powered up to deliver a full sensory and emotional experience. It is not enough to present a product or service visually in an ad." – Martin Lindstrom, author of Brand Sense

Multisensory Printing Webinar

The retail downturn has created an even greater need for packaging, displays, promotions and signage that break through increasingly competitive shopping environments, and visual differentiation is not enough.

We are experts at using multisensory special effects to cut through the distractions and create customer experiences that drive sales. We've tapped into decades of third-party research as well as our own R&D to develop proven methods of generating consumer engagement and memorable brand impact using multisensory appeals. We've worked with brand managers and commercial printers on a wide variety of multisensory campaigns and we’d like to share what we know with you.

In our recorded webinar, you will learn how ESPN, Bath & Body Works, Field Notes, and a Cape Cod Restaurant are all using multisensory printing to increase consumer engagement and sales. We will discuss how and why they use special effects in their retail packaging, POP displays and other printed materials.

Webinar Highlights

  • Understand how engaging consumers with multisensory special effects penetrates minds and increases sales
  • Hear about the science behind the multisensory appeals, and how to leverage it to reach your target demographic
  • Discover the unique and compelling techniques you can add to your printing, packaging, display, marketing, and branding arsenal
  • Learn how to pick the right effect and sensory engagement for your brand, target consumer and application
  • Listen to case studies with specific examples of successful campaigns for ESPN, Bath and Body Works, Field Notes, and others
  • Identify the path for making your next project multisensory, creating an exceptional customer experience and delivering an impressive ROI

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