More Gaming Promotions

What is more exciting than the chance to win cash and prizes? Their playing and winning can help you win new customers, increase sales and grow your brand.

While scratch-off cards and pull-tabs are very popular, there are other unique as well as tried-and-true gaming promotions that can help you win more customers, including ScanCards™, bingo cards, sweepstakes, and prize vaults.

We can help you identify the gaming promotion that is the best fit to exceed your goals and even provide the prize insurance as part of our turnkey service.


Developed by H&H Graphics, ScanCards combine instant excitement with technology as part of your promotion. Barcoded cards are scanned by customers in our unique in-store scanner (pictured, right) and, the fortunate few will hear “You’re a winner!”

ScanCards are great for trade shows, mailers or in-store use and allows you to reward your visitors and customers with great prizes, free merchandise and/or discounts.

Bingo Cards

Bingo Cards Gaming Promotions

Everybody knows bingo! It’s a simple game that attracts new and old players alike, and H&H Graphics offers several types of bingo to suit your promotion.

Publication Bingo

Bingo cards are inserted into a publication, and customers look for your ad to find called numbers. The first person to get Bingo or a Coverall calls your number and wins!

Incentive Bingo

Give your employees this exciting incentive that lets them accumulate collect reward points or win prizes.

Sports Bingo

Create or Hand out Bingo cards at a restaurant or sports bar and have customers circle the winning teams playing that day on the card. First Bingo completed wins!

Safety Bingo

“Safety first” in the workplace isn’t just a poster on the wall with this game! A new Bingo number is drawn and posted each day. For every day without an accident, points or cash are added to the Bingo jackpot. Winning Bingo gets the cumulative award. If there is an accident, the jackpot returns to zero and new cards can be distributed.

Web Bingo

A great way to attract on-line higher-income customers. Notify by e-mail, direct mail or publication inserts – direct consumers to your website to find the called numbers. First Bingo wins!


Sweepstakes Gaming Promotions

Sweepstakes are when people fill out entry forms for a drawing of prizes. People can enter using paper or online. At the end of the sweepstakes, a drawing occurs. The selected winners are notified that they have won a prize.

Historically, sweepstakes have not been considered a promotional product. The VFW holding a sweepstakes at the Friday fish fry, while tasty, is not much of a promotion.

Times change and now sweepstakes drawings are being added to promotions. The main reasons are:

  • Collect valuable data from customers
  • Excitement is added with a chance to win a large prize
  • Minimal effort
  • Cost effective

Either offline or online, let’s see if a sweepstakes drawing makes sense for your promotion.

We also will be able to explain all the components involved in a sweepstakes:

  • Advertisement Collateral
  • Rules Drafting
  • Attorney Review
  • State Registration
  • Surety Bonds
  • Prize Insurance
  • Processing of Entry Forms
  • Drawing of winners
  • Validate legitimate winners
  • Publicity releases for winners
  • Communication with winners
  • Fulfillment of prizes / 1099s
  • Press Releases

Prize Vault

Prize Vault Gaming Promotions

In-store customers can win prizes up to $2,000,000 – Instantly! If your customer chooses the winning 4 to 6-digit combination on a keypad, the vault door opens and your customer wins!

Lots of Uses:

  • Fundraisers
  • Mall locations
  • Retail locations
  • Sales meetings
  • Special events
  • Tradeshows

Pricing includes:

  • Insurance contract
  • Vault lease
  • Shipping to your location

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