Prize Insurance for Gaming Promotions

Big Prizes on Small Budgets

Prize insurance for probability cards allow you to add a significant grand prize with low risk and a modest investment.

For example, you can have a $10,000 grand prize with a $1,000 investment or a $1 million prize for $20,000. Grand prizes range from $10,000 to $10 million.

How Prize Insurance Works

Prize insurance pays out the Grand Prize based on probability.

At the end of a promotion, the lucky winner, is picked to have a chance to win the Grand Prize. It does not mean they have won the Grand Prize.

For example, a classic that many people have seen is the “Dr. Pepper Throw a Football” promotion. If a person throws ten footballs into an eight-foot tall Dr. Pepper can with a hole in it, they win $1 million dollars!

Dr. Pepper does not pay $1 million if the person wins. The insurance company pays it. Dr. Pepper pays a premium of approximately $20,000 to get $1 million in coverage and the premium is calculated based on the probability of the grand prize being awarded. Typically, the price for prize insurance is 15-20% of the Grand Prize amount.

LLoyd’s of London

H&H Graphics arranges coverage via certain underwriters at Lloyd’s of London and other credible insurance companies. Prize insurance can be added to any promotion. We can show you how to maximize your prize budget.

Our Experience

Marketing and promotions executives appreciate working with a partner who’s been in the trenches. New explorers of game promotions enjoy having a trusted partner who will work with them and, thoroughly, explain the process.

Experience is the best teacher and the quality of our products is proof and a winning promotion is much more than a printed piece.

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