3 Ways to Elevate Your Brand with Special Effects Printing

Posted Wednesday, March 22, 2017

3 Ways to Elevate Your Brand with Special Effects Printing | H&H Graphics

Engaging Consumers with Multi-Sensory Special Effects

Do you want to engage consumers with retail packaging and POP displays that are Anything but Ordinary?

Appealing to multiple senses increases the chances of your product getting noticed, engaging with consumers and being purchased. Below are three unique ways to appeal to multiple senses with special effects printing.

Thermochromic Ink

Thermochromic Ink

Thermochromic ink is a unique special effect in that it "reveals" something underneath when touched by hand or otherwise heated. It's a hot (no pun intended) idea getting a lot of attention by those looking for creativity and innovation in design and printing. While the possibilities are endless, it can help maximize the return on investment (ROI) of your print spend for retail packaging, POP displays, gift cards, book jackets, greeting cards, direct mail, and more.

See a Thermochromic Printing Demo Video

Raised UV & Textured Printing

Raised UV & Textured Printing

Appealing to your sense of touch creates "The Endowment Effect" and raised UV can create visually appealing and unique sensations.

The longer a consumer holds onto something whether it's a packaged product or one on a hanger—the more that object is "endowed" with a sense of ownership. In effect, it literally starts to feel like it belongs to them and lessens the likely it will be returned it to its display.

Even after a purchase, making sure the packaging being used is appealing and has after-sale uses, can help keep a retailer's brand top-of-mind and promote it beyond its typical reach. This helps ensure confirmatory bias, which is the reinforcement that the consumer has made the right choice (the opposite is buyer's remorse).

Learn more about raised UV and textured printing

Scented Printing

Scented Printing

When Yankee Candle added scent to its catalog, sales increased 18%.

It may seem odd to add scents like leather, mown grass or baby powder to packaging, POP retail displays or printed pieces, but consumers react to scents: they notice, consider and buy with much greater frequency than if you rely only on visuals alone to get their attention (just like everyone else does).

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