Adding the Wow Factor to Retail Merchandising & Print Spend ROI

Posted Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Adding the Wow Factor to Retail Merchandising & Print Spend ROI | H&H Graphics

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Adding the Wow Factor to Retail Merchandising & Print Spend ROI

Research shows that retail point-of-purchase (POP) displays that add the "Wow Factor" by incorporating visual, scent and textured special effects are far more likely to attract and engage consumers and increase print spend ROI.

An Edge You Can Afford

"That's an edge brand managers can't afford to pass up in a retail environment, in which too many products compete for too little shelf space," says Michelle Leissner, President and CEO of Chicago-based H&H Graphics, an award-winning special effects printing company with a full-time R&D team and an open invitation:

Stop by Booth #1246 to see, feel and smell what H&H Graphics can do. Then, imagine what these special effects can do for your project. Think big. Think "wow." Think Anything but Ordinary. H&H Graphics will show you how to make it happen in a way that will drive customer engagement, increase sales and create an impressive ROI.

Trending Special Effects

Here's just a small sample of the most popular special effects you can see, feel, smell and experience for yourself at the H&H Graphics booth:


Glitter printing that doesn't rub off and textured printing that reproduces the feel of a baby's blanket, or a football, a linen tablecloth, a piece of leather and more. Textures make shoppers want to feel for themselves – and smart merchandisers know that touching is three-quarters of the way to the cash register.


Scented printing that reproduces the smell of leather, grass, baby powder, popcorn, freshly baked cookies or anything else you can think of. We can even use your fragrance oil to reproduce your custom scent. Scent can be used to provoke a mood, a memory or make an emotional connection, drawing customers in before they have even seen your product.


Thermochromic printing that activates by body heat can be used to create hidden messages and images that are revealed when touched, generating a level of customer engagement that ordinary printing can't match.

An Inventory of Wow

This is just a fraction of what is available from H&H Graphics. H&H loves creating things that have never been done before. H&H Graphics has hundreds of colors, textures, scents and special effects and the team is always dreaming up more.

The R&D team of H&H Graphics is also constantly adding to their inventory of "Wow!" H&H creates custom inks and coatings in-house to produce projects that extend your brand and are Anything but Ordinary.

H&H Graphics encourages you to challenge them to come up with new ideas that will increase consumer engagement, sales and maximize your print spend ROI.

About H&H Graphics

Founded in 1978, H&H Graphics helps our clients be Anything but Ordinary with state-of-the-art special effects screen printing that utilize UV coatings, specialty inks and varnishes. Our R&D department creates custom inks and coatings in house to achieve your desired look, feel, or smell with the highest quality and performance and we offer a level of client service that's unexpected. With forty years of experience, we know the right printing effect to incorporate in order to reach and resonate your brand's target demographic. Example special effects include glitter, gloss & matte, scented, scratch-off, glow-in-the dark, and textures. While we work with many types of applications, we offer special expertise screen printing gift cards, credit cards, packaging, retail POS/POP displays, book covers, and greeting cards. Challenge us! We love exceeding expectations and achieving the impossible.

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