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Posted Thursday, December 01, 2016

Be the Peacock | H&H Graphics

Packaging Special Effects Printing: Go Full Peacock | H&H Graphics

Want your product to stand out from the crowd? Then you can't afford to treat it as though it were a commodity.

This means retail packaging costs need to be assessed in ways that go beyond cost per unit. Instead, the metrics that you use should incorporate your return on investment (ROI), response rates and, most importantly, your conversion rates—how often a person picking up your product ends up purchasing it.

This is where special effects screen printing can help you go "full peacock."

Drawing Attention to Your Product

Blending in is unlikely to engage a potential conversion. It conveys ordinariness, making your product indistinguishable from others. When you set your product up for this misperception, it's hard not to be treated like a commodity—something to be bought based on price. This is why going full peacock with your packaging strategy can make sense.

It's impossible to ignore a peacock. When these birds want to draw attention to themselves they fan their feathers. Those feathers, by the way, contain crystal-like structures that reflect differing wavelengths of light. The effect is a shimmering spectacle of fluorescent colors. Everyone stops to look at the peacock.

Enhancing Packaging Increases Perceived Value

Product packaging isn't much different. The more thought that goes into a design, the more eye-catching it is, the more likely a consumer is to interact with a product, and to associate the extra care and artistry that went into creating the packaging with the product itself.

That's where special effects screen printing help. Whether it's glitter, textured printing, metallic effects, or heat/photo activation (chromic), these eye-catching details speak volumes about the quality of your product and the discerning taste of those who choose them. Add a scent or fragrance and you're tapping into even more neural pathways to purchase.

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