Beauty is in the Eyes, Hands and Nose of the Beholder

Posted Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Beauty is in the Eyes, Hands and Nose of the Beholder | H&H Graphics

Surveys suggest the average woman will spend between $15,000 and $300,000 on beauty products in her lifetime.

Regardless of age or walk of life, anyone can easily get lost among the walls of shiny products promising radiant skin and lashes that are miles long. In a world of one-click buying, the beauty industry continues to thrive in shops, boutiques, and department stores around the globe.

Those shopping for beauty products crave physical experiences with the products they are dishing out their hard-earned cash to buy. Successful beauty brands understand this – a product is appealing because of both its standout packaging and the quality product inside.

Kylie Jenner's lucrative beauty brand, Kylie Cosmetics, carries not only the attention-grabbing celebrity name, but also the dessert-like scent of vanilla cupcakes. This intelligent marketing strategy is supported by consumer psychology, which says multisensory effects like scent are one of our strongest tools for memory association. In fact, research suggests that the brain can store and recall sensory-rich memories long after they were first experienced.

Beauty Products that are Beautiful

As giant beauty brands compete to set the next trend, it’s important to make your product stand out. It’s not enough to have ultra-sleek or colorful packaging when competitors are consistently using the same strategy. Your product must provide a deeper experience, and multisensory special effects can provide just that. Among the options for enhancing your beauty packaging:

Providing the "Whole Package" with Special Effects

The battle for engagement on the shelves of beauty boutiques and on the channels of mega-famous YouTube beauty gurus rages on. How do you entice beauty bloggers to rave about your product? How do you get their followers to flock to the shelves? How can you make them want to save your packaging because it is just too beautiful to throw away?

For 40 years, H&H Graphics has worked to set its clients apart from the competition with attention-grabbing, multisensory special effects. Whether it’s beauty packaging, retail displays, or promotional materials, H&H has the special effect that will enhance your branding and make your product impossible to ignore.

Read more about how special effects packaging and promotions can set you apart in a recent guest post from our CEO Michelle Leissner on the blog of Cosmoprof, the largest and most awarded beauty B2B tradeshow in North America, or contact us to get started on your project today.

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