Better Together: Collaboration Over Competition

Posted Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Better Together: Collaboration Over Competition | H&H Graphics

Special Effects Screen Printing: Collaboration Over Competition

It's easy to write off the current corporate management trend promoting collaboration over competition as a move to appease Millennial employees. After all, 88% of younger employees have expressed a preference for working in a collaborative, rather than a competitive, environment.

However, according to Laura Montini in her Inc. Magazine article Why Collaboration Wins Over Competition, many firms have found this approach significantly boosts innovation, productivity and communication in the process.

Vendor Implications

The collaborative approach isn't just an internal trend. Some corporations now ask their vendors to cooperate—from coordinating parts designs to creating pairings among marketing services partners. Using preferred lists, they invite firms of differing specializations to work together as part of the same team, their team.

While initially, it can be an awkward concept—asking would-be competitors to work together—it makes sense. It allows the company to bring together specialists in specific areas so that only the best work is done on each project. Collaboration also allows the participating firms to focus their attention on honing the skills they are best at without diluting time, talent and budget trying to be generalists and performing all tasks required by an engagement.

Why This Makes Sense for Printers

For commercial printers, establishing project-specific partnerships rather than trying to acquire specialized equipment and skills can deliver quicker and better results, along with very happy customers. After all, brand managers and agencies are increasingly looking for innovative solutions that require specialized capabilities to set their products apart.

As commercial printers and print finishers, it can be quite easy to incorporate a collaborative arrangement to expand capabilities without interfering with each other's hard-won client relationships. Only the company with the contract needs to be customer-facing. The fact is, all parties to a project are invested in achieving the same goal: providing a solution that leads to the next piece of business from a satisfied client.

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