Can You Afford Value-Added Finishing?

Posted Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Can You Afford Value-Added Finishing? | H&H Graphics

Value Addition: the New Norm

A compelling article in PrintWeek India reminds us that not only can we afford value-added finishing techniques, but also we can't afford NOT to use them in order to grow our businesses and remain innovative and competitive in the market place.

India-based Shree Printwell Offset discussed the company's commitment to providing value-added screen printing to their customers, and that they believe value-added finishing will lead the company on a growth trajectory.

"We saw some striking value addition samples over offset printed commercial and packaging jobs. We now realize the complementary role of screen printing in offset printing."

They reported that today, 75% of their jobs (commercial and packaging) involve value addition. Their customers reportedly embrace the idea of UV special effects because want their jobs to stand out.

By offering glitter, abrasive, crystal, reflective, and other ornamental UV special effects to embellish commercial and packaging jobs they are maintaining a growth of 30-40% per year in their printing business.

"We believe that sustained growth is possible only with value addition. In the normal offset printing arena, there are too many players with cut throat competition. This is a great benefit to us and to our customers. We can now undertake complicated jobs requiring application of various UV special effects over offset printed commercial and packaging jobs." Read the whole PrintWeek article here...

With a solid understanding of the value of screen printed special effects and an industry-leading special effects screen printing partner, like H&H Graphics, you can extend a wider array of services to your customers and can leverage value added printing as your company's USP.

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