Cash Cards: A Proven Marketing Promotion for Independent Grocers

Posted Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Cash Cards: A Proven Marketing Promotion for Independent Grocers | H&H Graphics

Cash Cards: A Proven Marketing Promotion for Independent Grocers

"Cash Award$" from H&H Graphics is a customizable marketing promotion created for independent grocers to give them a profitability boost and competitive advantage against national chains and Walmart.

The Key: every customer wins, every time – from $1 to $1,000. Additional incentives can include free groceries, gift certificates and wild cards. Our unique and proprietary process is customized to your store financial goals to give you control over the promotion's cost and allows us to calculate the ROI you can expect.

Even factoring in the cost of the promotion and the giveaways, independent grocers typically see sales an average sales increase of 7-12% and gross profit increase of 1-2% over the length of the promotion (often one month). Gross profits can even be higher depending on how many incentives are offered to your customers for high margin products, like meat, bakery, deli, produce, and floral items.

How Does "Cash Award$" Work?

Cash Award$ is a combined punch-card and scratch-off based promotion. Full-color, lottery-like cards are punched for the value of each purchase. When the card is completed, an authorized employee removes the award seal to reveal the amount won by your customer. The back of the card features messaging customized to your store.

Why Cash Award$?

The economy today has created a unique opportunity for retail grocery stores for a promotion like Cash Award$. Cash prizes and free groceries have a greater impact during challenging economic times like today. Shoppers are trading down: buying smaller packages, private labeled products and "hot buy" items. Shoppers are also eating out less.

As a result, grocery marketing promotions helps drive customers to your store to save money and incentivize them to purchase targeted items that you want to sell. This helps to avoid "cherry picking" and helps increase the average shopping transaction.

Cash Award$ also raises Employee enthusiasm: your associates are an important and positive part of your promotion, and they tend to have a lot of fun with it.

Promotional "Twists"

Some options for the Cash Award$ promotion include the following:

  • Second Chance Drawings: all properly redeemed cards, placed in a drawing drum for a second chance prize
  • Charity Option: customers can donate their Cash Award$ winnings to a designated charity, be entered into the second chance drawing for a prize (e.g. flat screen TV, gas grill, gift cards, etc.)
  • Wild Cards: equal to the dollar amount the customer just spent to complete their card, their purchase is free
  • Gift Cards: used for the $500 and $1,000 values – gift cards bring the customer back to your store to spend the winnings
  • Double Punches: customers earn double on the slowest day of the week or simply to counter competition advertising

How to Ensure a Successful Promotion

Getting your message out quickly and efficiently has never been easier or more important, and social media is the perfect media for doing so. Our clients that have used Facebook or other sites to promote the Cash Award$ program have seen significant lift and customer interaction.

Getting Started & Customization

Cash Award$ is a highly customizable promotion so, if you'd like a bump to your sales and profits, let's talk. After reviewing your sales and marketing goals, we can develop the right Cash Award$ formula for you or tap into our extensive marketing promotions expertise to create something even more tailored to your business.

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