"Even Better If..." (Ice Cream)

Posted Thursday, December 10, 2015

"Even Better If..." (Ice Cream) | H&H Graphics

In last quarter's newsletter we launched the "Even Better If" segment because we constantly find ourselves thinking how we can improve, enhance or bring to life great design.

Being summertime, below is an ad that appealed to us... but (we think) would be Even Better If it appealed to multiple senses, not just the eyes. What if we could smell...and almost taste the ice cream!

Imagine chocolate, strawberry and peanut butter scents on the ice cream, gloss on the berries and raised texture on the cookies. I'm not sure about you... but an experience like that would send me straight to the nearest DQ!

So you see, for a few extra pennies investment in a piece, a multi-sensory experience can be created, resulting in audience interest and engagement – which would pay for itself many times over!

We would love the opportunity to share ideas with you for your next project. Please send us a photo of something that you think would be ideal for us to include in our "Even Better If" segment, please do so at information@handhgraphics.com.

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