Gift Card Screen Printing: SnapShot

Posted Thursday, May 26, 2016

Gift Card Screen Printing: SnapShot | H&H Graphics

"SnapShot" is one of our newest screen printing special effects, one of the most unique and especially powerful for targeting Millennials and getting them engaged with you and your brand on social media.

Flash Screen Printing Before Flash Screen Printing After

What Is SnapShot?

SnapShot is a special effects screen printing method using UV coating. The idea is to create a secret message that only appears when someone takes a flash photo. This allows gift cards, retail POP displays, posters, and other marketing pieces to have messaging and/or graphics that show up unexpectedly later.

Social Media Tie-In

We recently used Snapshot screen printing on two beer posters used for promoting a rodeo in Texas. Bar patrons were encouraged to take a photo with a flash, post it on Instagram and to use this hashtag with the goal of promoting both the beer brand and the event – with free tickets going to someone that posted on Instagram.

SnapShot for Gift Cards

Retailers can issue gift cards with a message printed with SnapShot on the front of the card. A few instructions printed on the back of the card can promote the idea of taking a flash photo of the card and then posting the photo to Instagram or Twitter. This could be tied in with a promotion where the consumer would get an extra $1-$10 added to their gift card or be entered into a drawing to win a prize.

In this way, Millennials and some older consumers will be encouraged to interact with the retailer via social media while also promoting the retailer to all of their friends in the process.

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