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Posted Monday, December 28, 2015

Glitter in the Air | H&H Graphics

Do your marketing materials sparkle? Do your print samples twinkle? Does your product packaging stand out from all others because of its eye catching brilliance? It could. Imagine it for a moment... it would catch the consumer's eye and make it stand out, wouldn't it? In fact, it would make it stand out so much that it would be more likely to get someone to buy! Don't believe it? Ask the greeting card industry.

Greeting Card Glitter

Years ago, the greeting card industry figured this out. By putting glitter on greeting cards, they could actually draw the buyer's attention to the card on the rack, and make a glittered card more likely to be purchased than a plain card. Still, the added cost (albeit small) had to be worth it. It had to generate a positive ROI. Guess what they realized? They could actually charge more for a card with glitter than they could for a plain card, and the consumer would pay! Now they are getting a higher price, on a product that's more likely to sell, with minimal added cost. Increased margin! Anyone interested in that?

A Missed Opportunity

So why don't printers and marketers do the same? The cosmetic industry uses glitter in nail polish, makeup and powders, but we don't see it on their marketing materials or their packaging. The toy industry uses glitter on fabrics, molded into plastics and on numerous toys, but again, it's missing from the advertising and the shelf, where the initial interface with the consumer takes place. What about other retail products? Why isn't there glitter on the jewelry box or the mailer the jewelry store sent out? At this time of year, with the magic of the holiday season upon us and sparkle adorning decorations everywhere, it's hard to understand why glitter hasn't taken center stage in print.

Glitter without the Mess

Maybe it's because memories of glitter art projects are unpleasant. What a mess! You would put the glue where you wanted the glitter, then shake the particles scattering them everywhere. Finally, you would dump the excess glitter leaving it only where the glue was, right? Unfortunately this left glitter particles everywhere. This is similar to the flocking and shaking techniques still used today by many. Fortunately, our glitter application on printed materials does not leave a mess. In fact, we have developed a proprietary system which secures the glitter particles in the ink vehicle, and they don't come off, even when rubbed. Even better, the original sparkle isn't diminished by this process and may even be enhanced. That means no glitter on the other machinery that touches these products, the shipping materials, or the employees' hands, and no glitter on the ultimate recipient or consumer either.

Glitter comes in every color and the particles can be different sizes to create different effects. A red glitter on red stock will result in a different look than multi colored glitter on red stock. We have the samples and the expertise to guide you through the design and printing process.

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