H&H New Car-Scented Ad is an Ad Age "Editor's Pick"

Posted Friday, October 04, 2019

H&H New Car-Scented Ad is an Ad Age "Editor's Pick" | H&H Graphics

Smell anything good lately?

Chances are you remember more than the smell – you remember how it made you feel.

The connection between your nose and your mood is a well-established fact of psychology and marketing. Scent can trigger a deep sense of association that drives behavior, and drives sales.

And speaking of driving, we were pretty excited to learn that our multisensory work on a recent campaign was the subject of an Ad Age magazine “Editor’s Pick” for its clever use of “new car smell” in a newspaper advertisement for Liberty Mutual car insurance.

The ad, which encouraged readers “thinking about a new car” to “think about Liberty Mutual,” was created with Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, and ran as an insert in the Chicago Sun-Times.

But like all effective advertisements, it was more than a suggestion. Readers who pulled open a flap on the ad experienced a burst of "new car smell" and made a sensory connection that drove home the point.

Put Multisensory Special Effects to Work for Your Next Campaign

At H&H Graphics “new car” is just one of more than 800 stock and custom scents we’ve used to create memorable campaigns for our clients over the years. From fresh-baked bread to french fries, to bacon, wine, money and freshly-cut grass, we've used scent to create printed promotions and packaging for a wide variety of clients looking for a way to make their campaigns stand out from the competition with the powerful appeal of a multisensory connection.

From the smell of fresh roasted coffee or a batch of just-baked cookies, scent is a powerful way to create an emotional connection to your brand. In combination with other sensory effects like texture, or chromic effects that create a hidden "reveal" when exposed to heat, cold, light or water, you can multiply the impact to create a sense of drama, nostalgia, excitement or surprise.

With a little imagination and the power of our special effects screen printing expertise, you can create one-of-a-kind packaging and promotions that do more than get noticed – they create engagement that breaks through the noise and the clutter.

If you'd like to learn more about why our work shows up in places like Ad Age, or on the packaging of internationally-recognized food, beverage and cosmetic brands, give us a call or click on the link below. We have an R&D department ready to drive your next campaign wherever you want it to go. The only thing we can't do is ordinary.

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