H&H Innovates, Idea Center & It Makes Sense #1

Posted Thursday, December 03, 2015

H&H Innovates, Idea Center & It Makes Sense #1 | H&H Graphics

Below are highlights from our 1st Quarter newsletter of 2014. If you're interested in receiving our newsletters, please fill out the form here...

H&H Innovates

H&H Graphics is committed to innovation with it's own dedicated R&D team creating and testing new custom inks and coatings for our clients.

Our newest custom formulation is called: FLOCK-INK

Flock-Ink simulates traditional flocking and has been tested on a variety of substrates, from paper to plastic. Flock-Ink provides customers with an alternative to standard soft touch inks to achieve a velvety, fuzzy texture. We are even able to add glitter particles to the Flock-Ink.

Idea Center

Here are just a few ideas that we have brought to life recently:

  • Gritty texture simulating a sandy beach on the cover of a travel brochure
  • Flood-coated glitter on paper stock for the craft & stationary market
  • Money-scented scratch off for a high stakes game piece

It Makes $cents

H&H can silkscreen a scent for virtually anything you can think of – including the scent of the most recently legalized industry, marijuana!

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