H&H Innovates, Idea Center & It Makes Sense #2

Posted Sunday, December 06, 2015

H&H Innovates, Idea Center & It Makes Sense #2 | H&H Graphics

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H&H Innovates

H&H Graphics is committed to innovation with it's own dedicated R&D team creating and testing new custom inks and coatings for our clients.

We are highlighting a new coating: PRISM

Prism is a one-pass coating that is light-refracting. The prism effect can be used overall or in spot applications on a variety of substrates to produce the desired reflective, dimensional effect. There are more than 2,000 prism patterns to choose from that will bring your design to life.

Idea Center

Here are just a few ideas that we have brought to life recently:

  • Lavender & vanilla scented paper for a candle company's brochure
  • Raised texture simulating the feel of leather on a major shoe retailer's gift card
  • Thermochromic ink that reveals with human touch for a television network advertisement

It Makes $cents

Chocolates | H&H Graphics

Mmmmm... I'll bet you can almost smell these chocolates...

now, imagine if you could... wouldn't it make the chocolate even more irresistible?

Turns out YES! In fact, our sense of smell makes things 35% more irresistible! Our powerful sense of smell triggers our emotions and memory, and as a result defines our behavior.

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