How Textured Printing Engages the Mind

Posted Tuesday, November 29, 2016

How Textured Printing Engages the Mind | H&H Graphics

Textured Screen Printing: Engage the Mind | H&H Graphics

"Seeing is believing but feeling's the truth." So says Thomas Fuller in his seminal work, Gnomologia: Adadgies & Proverbs (predecessor to Poor Richard's Almanac).

Packaging and printed materials are an extension of your brand. With the addition of custom texture, Soft Touch, grit, gloss, or matte, your packaging and other printed materials will engage the mind of your customers in way that compels them to buy.

Neuroscience of Touch

As pointed out in the book, Neuroscience of Touch: Haptic Brain, Haptic Brand published by Sappi, "The brain consumes more than one fourth of the body's energy resources. Nearly half that is devoted to processing input from the senses, and much of that sensory receptivity is dedicated to touch—the only faculty that's distributed throughout the body... Immanuel Kant posited that 'the hand is the visible part of the brain'...

"In a 2015 Eagleman Lab study, subjects read a company brochure on high quality coated paper, lower-grade uncoated paper, or online (Design was similar for all, and companies were randomly assigned a medium.) The study found that those who read on high quality paper understood and remembered the content best by significant margins. Companies presented on the coated paper left the best first impressions, and people were most likely to recommend those brands to friends. A week later, people still preferred the companies they read about on the high quality paper, with name recall for those brands highest by a factor of 3:1."

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What Touch Says about Product Quality & Brand Identity

According to AmsterBrand, "There's more to packaging than what meets the eye. There's touch, too. The way a packaging feels in our hands can sometimes say a lot about product quality and brand identity.

"Just walk into the cosmetics aisles for some striking example of packaging texture. Most traditional feminine brands' packaging feel silky smooth. Contrast that with the products aimed at men. The flacons are often highly texturized – rugged, feeling like it came out of a toolbox. Ask a guy to explain whether the packaging feels manly, and he'll have a hard time making sense. But implicitly, the rugged texture makes the product feel just right as a male cosmetic.

"Currently, many brands of natural crisps are rising in popularity. One of their biggest challenges was to distance themselves from the not-so-healthy regular crisps. The solution was elegantly simple. Many brands of natural crisps are now packaged in matte bags, as opposed to the shiny bags that spell out UNHEALTHY."

Textured Screen Printing

If you'd like to give your packaging or printed piece a texture that reflects attributes of your product and brand and be Anything but Ordinary, contact us – everything is possible so challenge us!

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Textured Screen Printing Examples

Textured Screen Printing: Elephant Trunk
Can you imagine what the elephant's trunk feels like?

Textured Screen Printing: Sandy Footprint
You can almost feel the gritty texture of the sand

Textured Screen Printing: Cougar
Can you imagine the feel of the cougar's fur and whiskers?

See the texture of the suit

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