How We Add the Wow Factor to Retail Packaging & Print Spend ROI

Posted Monday, November 20, 2017

How We Add the Wow Factor to Retail Packaging & Print Spend ROI | H&H Graphics

,Retail Packaging & POP Display Wow Factor

Brand managers, designers and agencies love what we do but don't always take full advantage of our ability to add the "Wow Factor" to their retail packaging and POP displays with special effects.

Here are a few tips for getting more out of your project by starting sooner and gaining a better understanding of the things we can do.

New Initiatives: Earlier Is Better

For new retail products, packaging and/or point-of-purchase (POP) displays, you will get more out of special effects and a higher ROI the sooner you bring us into the process – ideally as early as the design phase.

What are you working on now? Contact us and we can show you how to bring the Wow Factor into a current project with special effects added to an existing design or a slightly modified version. We will work with you, your designers, agency partners and existing suppliers to amp up the Wow without blowing your deadline. We understand how retailers' turn-around times often don't leave much time for trying new things.

How We Add the Wow Factor to Retail Packaging

Though we recommend engaging us at the beginning of the design process, we can get involved during any phase of your project.

"Even Better If..." Packaging Audit

If you're not sure which special effects will work best for you, we can conduct an Even Better If... Special Effects Audit on your current products and new initiatives.

Our broad experience with UV, aqueous and conventional coatings/finishes gives us deep insight into the techniques you can use to create increased consumer engagement with a combination of sight, smell and touch that extends and enhances your brand, and maximizes your print spend ROI.

For those who really challenge us, anything is possible: we'll take ideas back to our award-winning R&D team to determine new, custom solutions.

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