Market Spotlight: Packaging

Posted Friday, December 04, 2015

Market Spotlight: Packaging | H&H Graphics

MS: Packaging 1 | H&H Graphics
MS: Packaging 2 | H&H Graphics
MS: Packaging 3 | H&H Graphics

Today, many printers are pursuing packaging opportunities as a means to grow their business. That's a smart strategy when you consider these facts:

  • Packaging is what separates one product from all of the others on the shelf
  • Special effects packaging draws attention to your products and creates a multi-sensory experience for consumers
  • The more senses a product's package appeals to, the more emotionally connected the consumer feels
  • Consumers are inundated with packaging in every environment, and your ability to differentiate your product from others is crucial

In 2012 H&H entered the packaging market. Since then we have successfully executed many packaging projects for major retailers. Some of our recent work is pictured above.

H&H is staying ahead of the curve and continuing to innovate in the special effects arena, offering a wide variety of proprietary special effects and printing techniques that produce spectacular visual impact – insuring that your product will STAND OUT on store shelves and in customer's hands.

Let H&H help you improve the impact and value of your customer's packaging with special effects coatings, delivered with the same high-quality service and attention to detail that you have to come to expect from us.

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