Multisensory Effects for Unforgettable Business Cards

Posted Monday, March 09, 2020

Multisensory Effects for Unforgettable Business Cards | H&H Graphics

Have you ever seen a business card that reveals a hidden message when photographed? How about one that is textured and scented?

Special effects printing for business cards is an underutilized – yet highly effective – avenue of marketing. Branding company or individual business cards with unique characteristics can make a difference when it comes to networking and acquiring new customers.

Unlock your networking potential with scented, textured, and creative business cards that will leave a lasting impression and increase the likelihood of future business opportunities.

Stand Out in the Crowd with a Unique Effect (or Two)

After a long networking event, many people sort through their accumulated business cards to determine which ones to keep and which to toss. With H&H Graphic’s unique array of special effects, we'll help to land your card in the "keep" pile.

For these show-stopping cards, the minimum cost is $1500 – but as an investment into your company's future that gets results, the ROI is there.

While the possibilities for design are endless, here are a few suggestions for transforming your (yawn!) current business cards into a one-of-a-kind introduction:

SnapShot Reveal

As one of our more clandestine effects, SnapShot reveals are a great way to make your business cards stand out from the rest. In an age when it's so much easier to save a picture on your phone than to pocket a stack of little cards, it’s becoming a common practice to photograph business cards. With SnapShot, your new connections will have the surprise of discovering a UV-hidden message, image or promotion in their photograph, and as a bonus, they're likely to share it on social media. 

Thermochromic Reveal

As one of our hottest (pun intended) printing effects, thermochromic-hidden messages are revealed when the product encounters heat from your hands. This multisensory effect is sure to be a hit at any networking event as your prospects discover a hidden message, image or promotion. Check out this demo video to see how it works.


For those who frequent happy-hour and after-work networking events, a glow-in-the-dark business card is a perfect way to engage your audience as your messaging lights up and makes an impression.

Textured and Scented

For the optimal multisensory experience, opt for business cards with multiple effects, like combining textured and scented effects to convey key attributes of your brand. Scent and texture can be used to create a wide array of sentiments and impressions, like nostalgia or luxury and comfort.

The "Wow" Effect of Multisensory Printing

It's scientifically proven that multisensory special effects have positive impacts on branding and company image. Unique elements that engage the senses help capture your audience's attention – whether in the form of an ad, retail packaging, or business card – and help them to remember you after the event.

Create a "wow" effect with texture, scent, and other special effects that elevate your employees as brand ambassadors, ensuring that they will stand out in the crowd.

To learn more about how one-of-a-kind special effects printing can make your business cards stand out, give us a call or click on the link below.

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