Multisensory Special Effects Gift Cards: The Power of Possibility

Posted Monday, March 18, 2019

Multisensory Special Effects Gift Cards: The Power of Possibility | H&H Graphics

Is there any gift so full of promise as a small plastic card that comes in a special envelope?

Whether it's carefully hoarded for coffee or spent on a single trip to the bearer’s favorite department store, gift cards have a unique quality that no other present can offer: possibility.

But despite the intangible pleasure of a gift that recipients can define for themselves, when it comes to the actual card, consumers prefer the physical version to its digital counterpart. Research by gift fulfillment solutions company NCG Group shows that 75% of consumers prefer a gift card they can hold in their hand. That's an example of the power of touch.

Not only does the act of touching a product make a consumer more likely to purchase, but special effects print processes like scent, texture, glitter or inks that react to light, heat or water can imbue a gift card with multisensory effects that stir emotions, trigger memories and convey a broad range of attributes. Most importantly, such effects entice consumers to engage with a product on multiple levels. Multisensory experiences create an emotional connection, increasing brand impact and engagement by more than 70%.

Gift Cards that are Gifts in Themselves

Retailers, from giants like Amazon, Visa, Starbucks, and Panera to specialty boutiques and small businesses, have learned from experience that gift cards have to be more than just functional. Purchasers want their gift cards to convey the same thoughtfulness that goes into choosing a gift. Otherwise they may as well be folding some crumpled bills into an envelope.

Multisensory special effects printing creates a heightened sense of value and conveys the sense that the giver has taken the time to choose something with the recipient particularly in mind. The well-designed gift card is a gift in itself.

Retailers also love the possibilities inherent in a gift card, which often entice the recipients into spending a little more – or go unreedemed, resulting in a retailer bonus. A physical card can take advantage of multisensory marketing techniques by appealing to customers’ five senses.

Gift Cards with Special Effects Are Impossible to Resist

At H&H Graphics, our gift cards come loaded with multisensory suggestions. Imagine a new baby gift card that reproduces the feel of a baby blanket and the smell of a new baby.

For a retailer who caters to campers and other outdoorsy types, we created a gift card printed with match-strike flint coating and attached a set of matches in a waterproof pouch.That's the kind of gift card that won't get thrown away. Once used it becomes a second functional gift that keeps giving.

Other projects have incorporated scratch-off messages and promotions.  Some more examples of multisensory special printing effects we can add to gift cards:

  • Glow-in-the-dark
  • Scented
  • Scratch-off
  • Textured and soft touch
  • Thermo and photochromic

At a reported $160 billion dollars in sales in 2018, year, gift card sales are a marketing dream come true for retailers. A convenient, cashless gift that comes with endless options not only gets customers into stores but also encourages them to make larger purchases. And a well-designed gift card is marketing that pays for itself.

Want to design a specialty gift card for your product?

At H&H Graphics, we’re all about creating an experience that appeals to your customers’ senses in multiple ways. With state-of-the-art printing techniques and in-house R&D and design departments, we’re on the cutting edge of special effects packaging, printing, and displays. Click on the link below to learn more about what we can do to get your gift cards flying off the shelf.

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